Sleire slays the final table for $228K Sunday Million win!

After nine and a half hours, the last few survivors of the Sunday Million saw a welcome message in the chat box from Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano welcoming them to the final table, and the big money. 8,055 players built a humongous $1.6 Million prize pool, and the final nine were going to take home the lion's share of that. After just under one hour, Sleire, who went into the final table as the chip leader and left as the champion, bested BeechSquad heads up to claim a first prize worth more than $228,000 after a three-way deal was reached.

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With well over half a million dollars to play for, a chop proposal was quickly floated by the short stacks, and just as quickly shot down by the big stacks. Sleire came into the final table with a serious chip lead, over 20 million in chips, and he continued to chip up early with aggressive three-bets and continuation bets.

Derryk4real was the first victim of the final table, busting at the hands of big stack Attuned in 9th place ($12,485). Like so often happens, the real damage wasn't done in the final hand, but about two hands earlier, when derryj4real moved all in over the top of a preflop raise from Sleire with A♦-Q♦. Derryk4real shoved from the button, and got one caller from Casameda in the small blind. Sleire got out of the way, and derryk4real got the bad news: he was dominated. Casameda tabled A♠-K♦, and promptly hit a king on the flop. Derryk4real was left crippled, and it was just a matter of time before he ran into a stack that took him out, and Attuned was happy to help.

Some hands are just a cooler, and that's what happened to jokkee_apart in this hand. After building his stack into serious contention for a deep run, he ran into this:

Jokkee_apart took home $18,526.50 for 8th place, a pretty good salve for a tough loss.
On the very next hand the field went from seven to six as lippersen took a tough beat to finish in 7th place ($32,220). Lippersen shipped it in from under the gun with A♣-J♥, and the action folded all the way back around to Attuned, who called from the small blind with A♦-T♥. Things looked good for a lippersen double up, until the flop came down 5♣-9♣-T♦. Lippersen went from a huge preflop favorite to looking for three outs to stay alive, and when the turn and river ran out 7♣-9♦, he was done.

It was just moments later when fateileoni made a stand preflop against Attuned and busted in 6th place ($48,330). Attuned raised preflop from the cutoff, and fateileoni re-raised from the big blind. Attuned moved all in over the top with A♣-Q♥, and fateileoni made the call with J♥-J♠. The hand looked like a classic race, but it was over almost before it began with a 7♥-A♠-A♦ flop. The turn and river came down K♣-9♣, and then there were five.

The players took a brief break to discuss a deal, but the talks broke down and play resumed. XbensthemanX was the short stack after the deal talks fell apart, and he moved all in immediately following the restart. He shipped it in with K♠-5♥, and BeechSquad called with 4♦-4♥. The flop took all the suspense out of the hand, as BeechSquad made bottom set on a 4♠-J♥-A♣ board, and when the rest of the board ran out 7♠-Q♦, there were four survivors. XbensthemanX picked up $64,440 for his 5th-place finish. The remaining players took another look at the numbers, but the talks once again stalemated.

And once again on the first hand after the deal talks ended, another player busted. This time it was Casameda who put his short stack in the middle, and again it was BeechSquad who made the call. Casameda's pocket threes held a slight lead after the flop came down 9♠-7♣-8♦, but BeechSquad's A♦-T♦ made an unbeatable straight on the J♦ turn. The river was a meaningless A♠, and Casameda was done in 4th place ($81,194.40).

The final three players agreed on a deal that left $30,000 on the table for the winner and split the remaining money like this: Sleire - $198,484.30, Attuned - $156,089.17, BeechSquad - $155,111.50. The players locked up their six-figure payouts, and came back to battle it out for $30,000, still no chicken feed!

Attuned made a good run at it, taking over the chip lead briefly from Sleire, but eventually his tournament ended in 3rd place ($156,089.17). After some moderate preflop raising, the flop came down J♠-2♠-6♦, and the fireworks went off. Attuned wasted no time in open-shoving with A♦-2♣, and Sleire wasted even less time in calling with A♥-6♥. The turn and river brought running queens, and the heads up match for $30,000 was underway.

Sleire held a massive chip lead going into heads up play, and it took mere moments for it all to be over. Sleire put plenty of drama into the last hand, busting BeechSquad on the river to claim the extra $30,0000.

BeechSquad put on quite a show at the final table, and got his money in ahead, but in the end it wasn't enough, and he had to settle for second place and a $155,111.50 payday. Sleire held the chip lead for almost the entire final table, and took down the Sunday Million for a massive $228,484.30 top prize after the deal and the extra $30,000. Congratulations to our final table players, the 1,170 players who cashed this week, and the Sleire, who grabbed better than $200K for one long day's work!

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