Snoop Dogg: Foshizzle PokerStizzle

Client-News-Thumbnail-dottv.jpgThis kind of thing happens to us all the time.

It starts off with us hanging out in an airplane hanger with Snoop Dogg, an international billionaire wanted by Interpol, and a Russian rapper. You know, like any other Saturday night.

We start off with a little champagne, talk international politics, and decide which of us is going to attend the next U.N. Security Council meeting. Everything is very proper and relaxed, and then Snoop breaks out the cards.

Happens every damned time.

We're not sure how he does it, but the D-O-Double-G has some mad card skillz. Think I'm kidding? Check out this ride.


What you see above is actually a screen-cap from the latest Timati video. 'Groove On.' It features not only Snoop Dogg, but a lot of poker and no small amount of PokerStars.

We won't pretend to understand everything that's happening in this story, but based on the number of poker chips, cards, and super hot secret agent women, we're prepared to give it the PokerStars Blog Sizzle of Approval.

Have a look for yourself.

Watch Timati ft. Snoop Dogg - Groove on on

Oh, and if you aren't on the gangsta tip like the rest of us (or, however that should read...), you might enjoy something a little more poppy. For that we recommend another video with a bit of PokerStars placement, this one courtesy of one Ms. Katy Perry. You can find that at's Katy Perry 'Waking Up In Vegas' video.

Brad Willis
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