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SpaceyFCB takes down Sunday Warm-Up

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Another Sunday, another gigantic field for the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up. In this edition, 4,180 players ponied up their $215 for a shot at a six-figure payday. After some eight hours of play, the final nine players settled in around the final table. The final table bubble was brief but brutal as SpaceyFCB made a full house on the river to crack 5thHeartAce's queens with SpaceyFCB's pocket sevens. 5thHeartAce collected $4,180 for 10th place, and the nine remaining combatants settled in for the long haul at the final table.

It didn't take long for the bodies to start to fall at the final table. Short-stacked wieselsen made a stand with Kc-4s from under the gun, and SpaceyFCB re-raised from the cutoff to isolate with Ah-10d. SpaceyFCB got no more players to muddy the waters, and when the board ran out Qs-8s-9c-Jh-3d, SpaceyFCB made a straight to the Queen and wieselsen made an exit in 9th place ($6,771.60). Montilja was the next to fall, making a move from the button with 9d-2d. IM CRU defended the big blind with As-6h, and the board blanked out to send Montilja home in 8th place ($10,450).

There's not often much suspense when a short stack runs Ac-4s into a bigger stack's Ah-Ad, but Gripen76 made the most out of his bustout hand. After a preflop raise from chip leader sanuk7, Gripen76 made his stand. Wtfsvi immediately re-raised all in, and everyone else got out of the way. Wtfsvi had Gripen76 dominated, and the flop came down 6d-3d-As, so Gripen76 needed runner-runner to stay alive. The turn was just one of those runners, as it came down the 5s. Any deuce or seven would keep Gripen76 alive, but when the river brought the 6h, his tournament was over in 7th place ($16,720).

Wtfsvi would be the next victim, busting in 6th place ($25,080) when he lost a coin flip for his tournament life against the aggressive SpaceyFCB. SpaceyFCB made a standard raise from middle position with Ah-Kd, and wtfsvi defended the big blind by moving all his chips into the middle with Jc-Jd. The flop was bad for wtfsvi as it came down 3d-2c-Ac, but he picked up a flush draw when the turn brought the 9c. Any club or Jack would keep wtfsvi alive, but the river was the 7s and SpaceyFCB vaulted into the chip lead.

Just a few hands after the break cjf123 got it all in preflop against IM CRU with Ah-8s against IM CRU's As-Js. Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the 6s-3h-Ad-10h-5s board, and cjf123 collected $33,440 for his afternoon's work. It took a while longer to go from four to three, but it was again IM CRU claiming an opponent's scalp when he busted Sibirn in 4th place ($41,800). It was a classic battle of the blinds, with IM CRU raising preflop from the small blind, and Sibirn calling from the big blind. The flop came down 9c-As-10d, and the fireworks kicked off. IM CRU led out with Qh-9s, and Sibirn moved all in over the top. IM CRU made the call, and found out he was way ahead when Sibirn tabled Jh-9h. The turn brought the Qs to give IM CRU two pair, but it also gave Sibirn a gutshot. The 10c on the river was no help, and Sibirn was done.

After knocking out Sibirn and cjf123, and a handy double-up courtesy of SpaceyFCB, IM CRU was the heavy chip favorite going into three-handed play. It didn't take long for one-time chip leader sanuk7 to get all his money in the middle, and when IM CRU woke up with Ks-10s in the big blind, he made the call. And a good call it was, as sanuk7 tabled 6d-4s, well behind IM CRU's king-high. Neither player matched anything on the 3s-8c-Qd-7c-As board, and sanuk7 picked up $50,160 for his third-place finish.

IM CRU took a 2:1 chip lead into heads-up play, but that didn't last long. SpaceyFCB doubled through him with As-8d against IM CRU's Js-6d on a board of Ah-7c-Jd-9d-2s, and the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. Heads-up play continued back and forth for a while longer, but IM CRU could never regain his footing, and finally both players hit a flop hard enough to get all the money in, and it was all over.

IM CRU raised preflop with Ks-10h, and SpaceyFCB made the call. The flop came down 3d-Kh-2s, and SpaceyFCB checked. IM CRU bet out, and SpaceyFCB check-raised. IM CRU re-raised, and SpaceyFCB moved all in. IM CRU made the call with top pair, only to see SpaceyFCB turn over pocket deuces for the flopped set. Needing a lot of help, IM CRU could only watch as the turn and river ran out 7h-Ah to send him home in 2nd place ($75,240). SpaceyFCB picked up $107,844 for first place, with no final table deal even seriously discussed. Congrats to SpaceyFCB, our other final table players, and all the players who cashed in the Sunday Warm-Up!

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