Supernova Elite no accident for Ioli

ps_news_thn.jpgYou've seen them all over--the people who luckboxed their way into a major score and used that score to work their way into the big time poker scene. It's a tale told too many times to be told again. Fortunately, there are stories out there that don't follow that formula. Just ask Mark Ioli.

Don't suggest Ioli simply stumbled into his success. Not only is it not true, but for a guy who quit school to work full time, it might be a little offensive. Moreover, you'd be insulting one of the elite...the VIP Supernova Elite.

"Before the year started I made up my mind I would get Elite," Ioli told us. "It's certainly not something that happens on accident."

Ioli, a 21-year-old from Long Island, New York was a University of Maryland finance major who found poker during his time in college. After two years of study, he made a calculated decision. He left school and focused on poker full time. He moved to Queens, set up his office, and now works a regular job...on PokerStars.

"I knew that if I multitabled solely on PokerStars full time, I could guarantee myself an extremely profitable year," Ioli said. "PokerStars definately rewards you for putting in hours."

We first met Ioli in Mar del Plata, Argentina where he played the LAPT final. There, after we figured out how to spell his name correctly, we were happy to report his 11th place finish for nearly $25,000.


Ioli in Argentina

Since then, Ioli spent his time 24-tabling 1/2 and 2/4 no-limit hold'em, multitabling 3/6 and 5/10, and picking and choosing his spots at 10/20 and 25/50. Within eight months he had racked up enough VIP Player Points to make it to Supernova Elite. He is the fourth person to achieve Elite this year.

By now, you know that making it to Supernova Elite is something few people do, but those who make it tend to reap serious rewards--big freerolls, free entry in to huge live events, and tons of other stuff. That means people like Ioli don't stop playing when they reach that goal.

"I plan to play a lot in the remainder of the year to accrue more bonsues and massive amounts of FPPs," Ioli said. "I also plan on playing the WCOOP Main Event, PCA, and EPT Monte Carlo."

In the mean time, Ioli will be chilling out, working out, partying, and traveling like any 21-year-old should. All the while, he'll be putting in his hours and focusing on new goals on the live tournament scene and in the business world.

"Being financially stable will ultimately give me the freedom to later pursue various environmental and moral pursuits," Ioli said.

Whatever happens, it's clear that for Ioli it will be no accident.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news