Team Pro Tuesdays makes debut

teampro-thumb.JPGYou might be one of those fortunate people who gets out once a week for a home game with your buddies. You look forward to it all week and when the day finally comes, you can't wait to get to the game.

PokerStars has found a way to bring the same feeling to the online platform, and now your Tuesday night game has one heck of a lineup. Today, PokerStars is introducing Team Pro Tuesdays.

The members of Team PokerStars Pro already spend a lot of time at the tables, but now you have a weekly chance to hunt them down and make some money in the process. Every Tuesday, the Team Pros are going to come out in a big way. You'll find them playing across a wide range of games and buy-in levels. Play with them, watch them, chat them up from the rail. It's up to you.

It goes beyond that, however. Team Pro Tuesdays in December will also play host to two Outlast the Pro events, one at 13:00 ET and another at 20:00 ET. Each has a buy-in of only $11. PokerStars will be adding $1,000 added to the prize pool. The people who outlast every one of the Team Pros will get to split the extra cash in the event.

Said Team Pro Daniel Negreanu, "That makes for some interesting side rooting! If you are one of the big stacks, you' are obviously hoping that the Pros stay alive as long as possible so that you get a bigger piece of the pie. If you are a short stack, then you want to see the Pros go broke!"


To read more about Team Pro Tuesdays and how to find the Pros, head over to's Team Pro Tuesdays page.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news