The World Record ceiling has been raised to 149,196

record-attempt-thumb.jpgWe have a new record:

In total, 149,196 people lined up their one dollar bills this evening to be a part of history.

To put this massive Guinness Book of World Records breaking tournament into perspective here's how many people played tonight:

  • That number represents three times the population of my suburb.
  • It would fill the Rose Bowl or Wembley stadiums and still have another 60,000 people with tickets waiting outside in the tailgating parking lot.
  • There were approximately 23 times as many players tonight than in the WSOP Main Event won by Team PokerStars Pro Joe Cada
  • Over twice as many players as the previous record for the largest online tournament. Held by... PokerStars with 65,000 players back in July
  • Slightly less than the amount of dollars currently on my Visa card thanks to being a spoiling parent during the holiday season.
  • The players would have filled up the hotel rooms in the Las Vegas MGM Grand 30 times
  • 944 times the amount of players at the recently finished Macau Poker Cup Championship won by Devan Tang
  • Well you get the idea.

    The kicker is that the tournament was finished in under six hours as the $300,000 guarantee from PokerStars created a $50,000 first prize thanks to the massive overlay.

    We're sure oskar69 is happy about the ROI from the win today, as no deal was reached and the entire $50,000.00 was awarded for besting this massive field shown below:


    (click on image for larger picture)

    Congratulations to oskar69 and all of the 30,000 players who cashed this evening and thank you for setting yet another Guinness Book of Records record here at PokerStars!

    $300,000 Guarantee World Record Tournament Results (12-27-09)
    1. oskar69 (garbsen) $50,000.00
    2. Bommel222 (Steirer) $30,000.00
    3. TLWPB (Kiel) $20,000.00
    4. willis59 (billingham) $10,000.00
    5. kruglay (Samara) $8,000.00
    6. madmick62 (Basingstoke) $6,500.00
    7. DS1982 (Lier) $5,250.00
    8. denmil53 (mpls) $4,000.00
    9. bigsnapper7 (brisbane) $3,000.00

    David Aydt
    @PokerStars in PokerStars news