This PokerStars memory won't fade

ps_news_thn.jpgWe all have fond memories of the Bahamas. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is rife with fantastic stories that we'll re-tell time and again. The memories will only fade with time.

Some people aren't satisfied with merely swapping tales. Some people need a little something there to remind them. We've seen epic poetry, hieroglyphs, and Twitter messages. Even that's not enough for one PokerStars player.

No, when Italy's billiko got back from the Bahamas, he had an idea, a way for him to commemorate his trip, a permanent reminder of his time in the islands.

"In memory of my last tourney in the Bahamas, I decided to promote the best poker site ever," he told us. "Look at what I have done for you!"


Oh, my.

We'll be honest. This feels a lot like it must for a mother when her son comes home with 'Mom' tattooed on his bicep. We're extremely proud, but...'Woah, that's not going to wash off.'

"I hope you guys like it," he said, "and I want to thank you for all the happy moments I've lived with you."

We'll be the first to agree, it's the best logo in the business, so, right on, Signore billiko. Right on.

Let us know what your next tattoo is going to be. And if you don't have an ideas, let us suggest the PokerStars monkey.

Oh, and thank you. Suddenly that Foghat tattoo we got a few years back makes a lot more sense.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news