Top pro devinr12 Dominates Sunday Warm-Up Final Table all the way to Victory!

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It certainly seems like big live tournaments don't do any harm to the turnout in the PokerStars Guaranteed Tournaments. While PokerStars qualifiers made up a significant portion of the field in the World Series of Poker Main Event, going on right now in Las Vegas, there were still plenty of players willing to take their shot at the huge guarantees available every week on PokerStars, as both the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million exceeded their guaranteed payouts yet again. 3,884 players turned out for the Sunday Warm-Up, well exceeding the guarantee and creating a $776,800 prize pool. The top 585 finishers got paid, with devinr12 going wire-to-wire in a two-hour endurance test of a final table, finally taking down $107,418.95 after a three-way deal.

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The final table bubble seemed interminable for the big stacks, as short stacks tightened up, chopped pots and doubled through to stay alive. But finally hwtd1 busted in 10th place ($4,660.81) and the final table was set. That was all the news short stack xthesteinx needed, and he shipped the last of his chips in on the first hand of the final table with A♣-8♥. Chip leader devinr12 called with K♦-J♣, and the board kept things exciting until the very end. With the ace high on a flop of 3♦-4♦-Q♣, xthesteinx looked poised for a double up, but running diamonds on the turn and river gave the flush to devinr12 and sent xthesteinx home in 9th place ($6,214.41).

Just a couple of hands later mannefredo, who had been on life support for the entire hand-for-hand period, put the last of his stack in the middle with 5♣-5♠. Portokali29 called with Q♥-J♠ from the big blind, and flopped the joint to leave mannefredo looking for running boat or quad cards. The flop came down A♦-T♠-K♥ to make Broadway for portokali29, and when the 8♦ hit the turn, mannefredo was drawing dead. The river was the meaningless J♦, and mannefredo worked his short stack ninja magic all the way to a 9,710.01 payday for 8th place.

Proving the old adage that fortune favors the bold, chip leader devinr12 busted wineguytx in 7th place ($17,478.01) with a bold call. Wineguytx open-shoved from under the gun with A♦-J♦ and not much more than three big blinds to his name. Action folded around to devinr12 in the big blind, and he defended with A♥-7♦. All was going swimmingly for wineguytx on the Q♠-K♥-5♦ flop, and the 3♥ turn did nothing to take his lead away. Of course, since we're writing about the hand, you know what landed on the river: the 7♣. Devinr12 extended his chip lead as wineguytx headed to the rail in brutal fashion.
The bustout of UGOTPZD in 6th place ($25,246.01) could easily be entitled "when big hands attack." Check out this clash of the titans:

With that huge pot devinr12 once again moved to more than double his nearest opponent as the field went to five-handed. Metatron1 moved into second place when he busted clems105 in 5th place ($33,014.01). Clems105 moved all in preflop from under the gun with K♦-Q♥, and Metatron1 moved all in over the top to isolate with A♥-6♦. The flop missed both players as it came down 4♦-5♠-T♠, but Metatron1 solidified his lead when a truly angelic A♦ hit the turn. Clems105 was looking for a jack on the river to stay alive, but the 9♦ landed instead, and then there were four.

Portokali29 scooped a massive pot against Metatron1 to move into second place and leave Metatron1 on life support. Metatron1 managed one double up, but busted in 4th place ($44,666.01) a few hands later. He got his last few chips in the middle with live cards holding 8♦-7♥ against Polo Mint's A♦-6♦, and flopped a big draw on the 2♠-T♠-9♠ board. The 2♥ was the useless turn card, and the A♣ on the river sealed the deal as Metatron1 missed his straight draw to bust in fourth.

The tournament then paused as the final three players talked about a deal, with the experienced devinr12 taking the lead in the negotiations. After a lengthy period of negotiations and some serious higher math, a deal was reached that gave chip leader devinr12 $97,418.95, runner up portokali29 $88,558.09 and Polo Mint $80,952.19. With $10,000 left on the table for the eventual winner, the cards went back in the air.

The three remaining players battled it out for that last $10K like champs, and it took quite a while before Polo Mint succumbed in 3rd place ($80,952.10). After a series of back and forth raises, Polo and devinr12 got it all in preflop, with Polo Mint's A♠-Q♠ dominated by devinr12's A♦-K♠ The board ran out 5♠-5♥-8♦-7♣-K♦ to give devinr12 two pair and a sizable chip lead going into heads up play.

The players battled back and forth for quite a while, with portokali29 doubling through to take the chip lead, then devinr12 returning the favor to reclaim the top spot. Finally, all the chips went in on the river in one final huge confrontation, and it was all over.

Portokali29 put up a great fight, but in the end it wasn't enough to overcome the chip lead and experience of devinr12, but $88,558.09 will go a long way towards salving the hurt of a second place finish. And after taking the lead going into the final table, and only losing it momentarily during the heads up match, devinr12 picked up $107,418.95 for taking down the Sunday Warm-Up. Congrats to our champ and to all the players who cashed in this week's Sunday Warm-Up!

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