UKIPT gives birth to new web show

Client-News-Thumbnail-dottv.jpgWelcome to "Things You Don't Know About the UKIPT!"

In all fairness, there is probably a decent chance you didn't know the UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) even existed before this past week. That's when you might have seen the PokerStars Blog's live coverage of the very first event from Galway, Ireland.

The UKIPT is a bold new experiment in poker tours. It looks just like every other tour you've ever heard about. It has live tournament coverage, top players from around the region, and some big money on the line. What's different is players can get in for a fraction of the big tourney buy-ins you might find on another tour.

Just a few days ago, legendary Irishman Padraig Parkinson won the very first event and €125,000.


So, yes, you might have know all that. But, here are some things you might not know.

  • UKIPT is prounced You-Kipped.

  • The UKIPT has its very own web show titled "On Tour."

  • "On Tour" with the UKIPT is not your normal poker show. Instead of spending half your day watching people play poker, you can actually get a sense for what's going on behind the scenes of a major poker tour.
  • Honestly, these were things about the UKIPT that even we didn't know until about twenty minutes ago when we watched our first episode of "On Tour" with top presenter Nick Wealthall (if that is, indeed, his real name...).

    In the episode below, see Wealthall tinkle on the the piano and pull a Guinness from a very special place; a bunch of Irishman playing cards in their local; an interview with Parkinson in his element; a chat with the PokerStars Blog's own Rick Dacey; a couple of mostly naked men getting massages; and more!

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