UK's Matt Perrins wins PokerStars IPT Venice

As we all know, a big poker tournament is a marathon, not a sprint, and holding a day one chip lead rarely leads to outright victory. It takes something special to seize the lead early, then hold it to the very end, but Matt Perrins, from Manchester in the UK, did just that to win the PokerStars IPT Venice event, collecting a wallet-bulging €200,000.

Perrins was in the Day 1A flight on Thursday, and went to bed that night with the most chips. By the time the survivors of 1A and 1B came back and completed Day 2, Perrins was still at the top of the leaderboard, and then last night - or early this morning, to be precise - he completed his work and took the title.


Matt Perrins

The Venice event was a remarkable success, with 439 players heading to the beautiful city for a shot at a major PokerStars title. The field was packed with local Italian talent, but also had members of Team PokerStars Pro like Vanessa Rousso, Johnny Lodden and Dario Minieri (ok, he's classed as local talent as well) fighting it out.

It was Rousso who initially looked most likely to challenge Perrins, ending Day 2 behind him in second place. But when the 19 survivors returned to fight to the death yesterday, Rousso fell in 14th.

Perrins eventually got heads-up with Sweden's Johannes Sodastrom, and then won when his K♠[10s] outran 4♠4♥ on a board of 8♣K♣K♥2♦3♥. Sodastrom picked up €120,000 for his efforts.

Before the final table, Perrins told event staff he would buy a house if he won. Any real estate agents from Manchester reading this may care to take note!

Congratulations, Matt Perrins, for your excellent result.

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Simon Young
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