Wurevolution wins epic heads-up battle in Super Sunday Warm-Up!

Warm up 2.1.09.jpgIt was definitely a super Sunday Warm-Up this week at PokerStars, as over 4,000 players logged on to battle their way towards a $105,000 top prize and the Sunday Warm-Up title. A whopping 585 players made the money this week, with the big money reserved for our final table players. The final table bubble burst when zmeyga ran his pocket sevens into MagicDeal's pocket eights. No help came on the board for zmeyga, and the final table was set.

Action kicked off hard and fast at the final table, with several all-in moves in the first orbit. No callers, and a double up by one short stack in the first few hands, and the players then settled in for the long haul. After losing a big hand early to double up pulse time, stockcar99 pushed all in several times finding no callers or doubling his short stack to stay alive before he finally ran afoul of Beund2 to become the first casualty of the final table. Stockcar99 put the last of his chips in the middle with pocket threes, and Beund2 called with Ad-Kh. The flop came down 8d-Qh-10s, and stockcar99 needed to fade more cards to stay alive. The Kd on the turn left him drawing to only two outs, and when the river brought the 7s stockcar99 was done in 9th place ($6,996.96).

The first one is always the hardest, so once stockcar99 busted, the floodgates opened. The very next hand saw djalminha move all in from the cutoff with Ac-7c, but wurevolution woke up with pocket tens in the big blind and made the easy call. The flop came down club-free, so when the board ran out Js-2d-2h-7d-6d djalminha was busted and the field was down to seven. Djalminha picked up $10,170 for his 8th-place finish.

MagicDeal went for the re-steal when he moved all in over the top of Farooo263, but found out that he had just shoved into pocket jacks with 7d-6s. Farooo263 made the call, but the flop of 4d-Qd-10d was pretty ugly for the diamond-less Farooo263. The 4h was no help to either player, but the 3d on the river made the four-flush for MagicDeal and sent Farooo263 packing in 7th place ($16,272).

Jacks gave and jacks tooketh away for MikeKB878. Just one hand after her doubled through MagicDeal when his pocket jacks held up against a big ace, he gave it all back to MagicDeal when his big ace couldn't crack MagicDeal's jacks. On the short stack, MikeKB878 shipped it in a couple of times until he found action from propell for the last time. MikeKB878 moved all in preflop with pocket fours, propell called with pocket fives, and when the board ran out 10c-Js-Qc-6s-9h MikeKB878 was done in 6th place for $24,408.00.

While I was watching the Steelers come from behind to take the lead in the last minute of a certain football game, propell lost a big coin flip to end his tournament in 5th place ($32,544.00). After knocking out several opponents, propel called MagicDeal's all in with Ad-Kd. MagicDeal tabled pocket eights, and the distinct lack of diamonds on the 2h-6h-10h flop left propell needing help to stay alive. MagicDeal had propell slightly covered, and when the 8h hit the turn, it was all over for propell. The 4d was the superfluous river card, and then there were four.

A deal was briefly discussed, but wurevolution had a massive chip lead and wasn't interested with four players remaining. He extended his lead even more when he took out Beund2 in 4th place on the very next hand. Wurevolution raised preflop with 7s-7d, and Beund2 moved all in over the top with Kh-5c. Wurevolution may have sniffed out a bluff attempt, or maybe he just was willing to gamble with his huge chip lead, but he made the call with his sevens. The cards were turned over, wurevolution saw that he was way ahead, and when the board ran out 8h-6s-5h-As-4h, wurevolution made a straight on the river and Beund2 was done in 4th place ($40,680.00).

Three-way action was tough, with MagicDeal and pulse time hanging in there against the huge stack of wurevolution, but finally wurevolution took out MagicDeal in 3rd place ($48,816.00). MagicDeal moved all in from the button with Kh-8h, wurevolution re-raised to isolate with As-Js, and the flop of 3d-10s-6s missed both players. Wurevolution picked up a flush draw to go with his live cards, but he didn't need any of them as the turn and river ran out Qc-3c to send MagicDeal packing.

Wurevolution took a huge chip lead into heads up play, but the Platinum Star pulse time was not going to go softly into the good night. With the tenacity of Santonio Holmes in the end zone, pulse time picked his spots and made a real match out of it heads-up. Heads up play started off slow, but turned into an epic duel, as pulse time refused to succumb to the big stack of wurevolution. After 20 minutes of back-and-forth play, the tourney came back from a break to move into the 11th hour of play.

But, as always happens, it came down to one big hand. Both players limped in to see a flop of 6h-Kd-5d, and wurevolution fired out a bet. Pulse time moved all in over the top with 8d-6s, and wurevolution quickly called with Ks-5c for top and bottom pair. Pulse time was drawing thin with middle pair, but picked up some outs on the 8s turn. Pulse time needed a six or an eight to double up, but the Qd on the river busted him in 2nd place ($73,224). After a tough heads up match, wurevolution took down the top spot with his flopped two pair for $105,768.00.

Congratulations to champion wurevolution and his heads up opponent pulse time for a classic final!

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