Americas Cup returns to PokerStars

acop-thumb.jpgThe great American songwriter Randy Newman once joked, "South America stole our name!"

While Newman was commenting on the jingoistic atmosphere of the times, he might well have been predicting the advent of the PokerStars Americas Cup of Poker (well, maybe not, not, but it's close!). In any case, the Americas Cup is back, and it will pit countries from around the Americas (yes, all of them) against each other for the title.

From March 15-April 14 players from the USA, Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Argentina will be battling for spots on their country's team. There will also be a tenth team made up of the remaining Latin American counties.

In all, the players from the ten teams will compete in a series of points tournaments. The four players who accumulate the most points will represent their country at the live final--if their team makes it there.

When all the matches are complete, the six countries with the most wins will automatically qualify for the live final. The remaining four teams will then play off for the final two positions.

Then in May, the eight teams will travel to Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina. There they will compete for a share of $150,000 and the Americas Cup title.


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Even if you don't want to spend the pennies it costs to get involved, tickets to the $0.11 tournaments are available in free SNGS that are running all the time in the Tourney-Regional section of the PokerStars lobby.

For a full schedule and more information, visit the PokerStars Americas Cup of Poker homepage.

Good luck!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news