Canada wins PokerStars Americas Cup of Poker

ps_news_thn.jpgby Sergio Prado
I just love team poker tournaments!

Flags in the hall, players showing pride in representing the country emblems emblazoned on their chests. Anyone who witnessed the electric atmosphere generated by the fans on the rail of the PokerStars Americas Cup of Poker will know exactly what I'm talking about.

It was in this vibrant atmosphere that Canada, led by Team PokerStars Pro Greg DeBora, eventually lifted the trophy, beating the United States to became the best of America in 2010.


Greg DeBora

After two preliminary rounds, the final two teams had to play a series of five heads-up matches. With the score at 2-1 to Canada, it was the two team captains who matched up to play what could be the decider. If Greg DeBora could best Dennis Phillips, the title would end with the team in red and white. And that's what happened ...

With a slight advantage in chips, DeBora got Phillips all-in:

DeBora: 8♥8♣
Phillips: A♥Q♥

The flop was 3♣7♥5♦ keeping the Canadian ahead. Now the tension got even higher in the lounge of the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru, which was still full - even at dawn! The dealer then brought an emphatic turn card - 8♠ - making a set and certain victory for Canada.


Dennis Phillips

With that, each of the five Canadian players took a prize of ten thousand dollars, plus a nice trophy to take home after a long, 14-hour day of poker.

The Mexican team won the third-place play-off. Coached by Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen, the team was not intimidated when Colombia took a 2-1 lead. Guillen won his match and tied the contest - and Mexico finally won the decisive match.

The final classification was as follows:
1st place - Canada ($50,000)
2nd place - U.S. ($35,000)
3rd place - Mexico ($20,000)
4th place - Colombia ($15,000)
5th place - Argentina ($10,000)
6th place - Chile ($10,000)
7th place - Brazil ($5,000)
8th place - Rest of Latin America ($5,000)

Congratulations to Canada, who won the title of champion Americas Cup of Poker 2010. See you next year.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news