Catch the All Star Week action as Team PokerStars Pro defends title

ps_news_thn.jpgLike the imminent arrival of a new supply of Atomic Fireballs, the official candy of PokerStars Blog, we look forward to the start of All Star Week. Why? Because starting today it pitches players from Team PokerStars Pro against a challenging team in a series of heads-up matches across all poker disciplines. And no Pro wants to lose face.

The problem for Team Pro is they are up against some of PokerStars' best players - folk who have excelled in WCOOP, SCOOP, the Sunday Million and the Tournament Leaderboard. It all makes for some pretty tasty matches.

For the 11 challengers there is $1,000 to be won in each individual match, plus they'll get to share a $25,000 prize if they win the series. For Team Pro, any winnings they get will be added to a special $11 fan tournament on PokerStars at 4pm ET on August 8.

In other words, although some might quite like to see a Team Pro fall flat on his/her face, most will be cheering them on so there is more to play for in the fan event.

Today's five opening matches feature Team PokerStars Pros Alex Gomes, Andre Akkari, Greg Debora, Ruben Visser and Chad Brown. The full schedule is printed below.


Chad Brown

There are 35 matches in total, and last year Team PokerStars Pro squeaked the title by 18-17. To check out the action, open up the PokerStars lobby and click on Tourney >> Special.

Have fun!

1 26/07/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Alexandre Gomes v jimenezzzz
2 26/07/2010 14:00 ET Stud André Akkari v traction1
3 26/07/2010 16:00 ET NLHE Greg Debora v caprioli
4 26/07/2010 18:00 ET 2-7TD Ruben Visser v traction1
5 26/07/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Chad Brown v badblood1

6 27/07/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Chris Moneymaker v MOJOEX1
7 27/07/2010 14:00 ET PLO8 Vicky Coren v 72good
8 27/07/2010 16:00 ET NLHE David Williams v Hurloon
9 27/07/2010 18:00 ET HORSE Greg Raymer v jimenezzzz
10 27/07/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Henrique Pinho v 72good

11 28/07/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Hevad Khan v InstantLei
12 28/07/2010 14:00 ET 2-7SD Ivan Demidov v Timmy K
13 28/07/2010 16:00 ET NLHE Joe Cada v Hurloon
14 28/07/2010 18:00 ET PLO Joe Hachem v caprioli
15 28/07/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Johnny Lodden v Brezi26

16 29/07/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Jose Barbero v caprioli
17 29/07/2010 14:00 ET Badugi JP Kelly v Timmy K
18 29/07/2010 16:00 ET NLHE Lex Veldhuis v MOJOEX1
19 29/07/2010 18:00 ET LHE Marcel Luske v 72good
20 29/07/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Noah Boeken v MOJOEX1

21 30/07/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Joep Van Den Bijgaart v caprioli
22 30/07/2010 14:00 ET L5CD Maridu Mayrinik v Timmy K
23 30/07/2010 16:00 ET NLHE Anh Van Nguyen v MOJOEX1
24 30/07/2010 18:00 ET 8-Game Darus Suharto v badblood1
25 30/07/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Tom McEvoy v caprioli

26 31/07/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Tony Hachem v Hurloon
27 31/07/2010 14:00 ET O8 Julian Thew v Timmy K
28 31/07/2010 16:00 ET NLHE Victor Ramdin v badblood1
29 31/07/2010 18:00 ET Razz Bill Chen v Timmy K
30 31/07/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Veronica Dabul v MOJOEX1

31 01/08/2010 12:00 ET NLHE Pat Pezzin v 72good
32 01/08/2010 14:00 ET PL5CD Victor Ramdin v InstantLei
33 01/08/2010 16:00 ET NLHE Vanessa Selbst v papadelpoker
34 01/08/2010 18:00 ET Stud8 Randy Lew v Brezi26
35 01/08/2010 20:00 ET NLHE Richard Toth v Brezi26

Simon Young
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