Feeling lucky? Fortune awaits 50 billionth hand winner TODAY

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgHow do you fancy winning $50,000 just for playing a hand on PokerStars? Sounds pretty neat, eh? Well, that's the good fortune awaiting one player later today when PokerStars is expected to deal its 50 billionth hand. Don't bother trying to work that one out; just trust me when I say 50 billion is a very looooong number.

All you have to do is be playing on one of the tables when the magical hand is dealt - everyone in the final hand then gets $500 for every VIP Player Point they earned in the previous 50 hands at that table. The actual winner of the hand gets the whopping $50,000.

At the time of writing (5am ET) we're up to hand 49,990,000,000 - and there are cash prizes for every one millionth hand hit until the big 50 (as there have been for every millionth hand since 49,700,000,000!).

The excitement will reach fever pitch later as the 50 billionth hand gets close, with players flocking to the tables for their chance of grabbing the big money. When the big hand arrives, action will be paused to allowed thousands of railers to settle down and watch the action.

Don't miss out - be part of the fun later.

For details of all our million hand cash winners so far, visit this handy guide to cash winners. And see the official 50 Billion Hand page here.


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news