IPT San Remo: The final eight

IPT_thn.jpgAs you probably know we like to follow Salvatore Bonavena here on the PokerStars Blog. The Italian Team PokerStars Pro became a firm favorite after taking down EPT Prague two years ago, and we've loved his pink jumpers ever since. We're therefore a little sad that he did not make the final table of the Italian Poker Tour event in San Remo. What cheers us up a little, however, is that another man called Salvatore is chip leader.

Salvatore Chillemi may need to work on getting a snazzy hat and adding some pink jumpers to his wardrobe, but he seems to know how to accumulate chips like his Team Pro namesake.


Salvatore Bonavena Chillemi

As the final eight players sit down later today to fight over the €200,000 first prize, Chillemi, a 53-year-old Italian, has 1,782,000, more than 600,000 ahead of closest rival Christian Cipriano.

Details of the final players are below. You can follow the action as it happens over on our sister Italian blog, where Matteo Viola is very excited (and that must be something to see - Italians are excitable anyway) because all the finalists come from Italy. Remember to use Google translate if you need help following his writing.

Stefano Demontis, 1,005,000
Stefano is a PokerStars qualifier who plays with the UserID 'delf1no74'. He's been playing poker for two and a half years with excellent results, including a third place at the last IPT San Marino.

Christian Cipriano, 1,150,000
Christian is 25 and has been playing poker for two years on Pokerstars with the UserID 'Tisciali'. His best results include a 11th place at a €1,100 side event in San Marino.

Salvatore Chillemi, 1,782,000
Businessman Salvatore, 53, has been playing poker for four years. He's planning to use his winnings for his family and to play as many IPTs as possible.

Alberto Di Vilio, 938,000
Alberto is 41 and will be celebrating his first tournament cash in San Remo. He's thinking of spending his winnings on a house. When asked to define his playing style, he said: "Maniac!".

Sergio Castelluccio, 1,088,000
Sergio is 34 and has been playing poker for three years. He's plans to play all the IPTs this season. He considers himself a professional poker player and started to play poker for fun with friends.

Giuseppe De Blasio, 746,000
Giuseppe, 30, has played for three years and enjoys the action in PokerStars and after making the final table wants to play in all of the remaining Season 2 IPT events.

Alberto Palchetti, 834,000
Alberto is a 25-year-old student who will be using his winnings in San Remo to build his bankroll. He describes himself at the table as "loose and aggressive".

Matteo Taddia, 370,000
Matteo is a 37-year-old professional player. He's been playing for six years and will be putting his winnings here into his bankroll.

Simon Young
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