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Justin Chan wins historic PokerStars Macau Millions

ps_news_thn.jpgby Fred Leung
PokerStars Macau at Casino Grand Lisboa hosted the Macau Millions from August 4-8 and smashed the Asia poker tournament record for player field size. The previous record of 679 was held by the PokerStars.net Filipino Poker Tour at the Metro Card Club, but on August 7 the Macau Millions fielded 741 players.
Hong Kong's Justin Chan was crowned champion and took HKD $275,000 in prize money. The tournament's one million dollar guarantee was easily surpassed as HKD $1,467,180 was awarded to the 54 players that made it to the Sunday Day 2 final.

Chan played an aggressive game worthy of the historic event and outlasted a minefield of pros, top-ranked players, and title holders. However, the 30-year old MBA student would admit that the turning point came when he got all his chips in with Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu.

Wu's pocket aces dominated Chan's A-K but two kings on the board saved his tournament life. Chan never looked back as he relentlessly raised and re-raised numerous pots on his way to the final table. By the time heads-up play began, Chan had built a 4-1 chip lead over his lone remaining opponent, American Tom Chou.

On the final hand, Chan moved all-in and Chou made the call with K-7. Chou had a slight edge as Chan only held 8-9. However, the flop paired Chan's eight and sealed his victory.


Justin Chan

Despite a definite preference for tournaments instead of cash games, this was only the Hong Kong winner's second visit to Asia's gaming capital.

"This is my first major poker win," a humble Chan said. "I was looking online at PokerStars in the Macau tab and joined because I wanted to play a big tournament!"

Chan's online search paid off as he now moves into into 6th place on the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) Leaderboard. Raymond Wu maintains his number one ranking on the APOY list but now finds eight other players within 1,000 points for Asia's most prestigious poker award. PokerStars-sponsored Victor Chen from Taipei is one of those players as his third final table in 2010 moved him up to 7th place, and fellow Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang sits in a close second.

Macau Millions winners (in HKD)
Justin Chan Hong Kong $275,000
Tom Chou USA $200,000
"Alex" Lei Long Ng Macau $130,000
Jimmy "King" Ng Hong Kong $100,000
Jonathan Azoulay France $75,000
Jia Yong Pan Australia $57,680
Richard Hu China $45,000
Jin Hua Li China $37,500
Victor Chen Taipei $30,000
Jun Chen China $25,000
Kai Sheng Yang USA $19,000
Ryan Chong Malaysia $19,000
Jimmy Tanto Hong Kong $19,000
Xiao Long Pan China $19,000
Chanoh Jun Korea $19,000
Albert Lau Hong Kong $15,000
Il Hyun Yoon Korea $15,000
Wai Hong Wong Malaysia $15,000
"Michael" Neng Che Hong Kong $15,000
"Alex" Chun Ming Leung Hong Kong $15,000
Jason Coe USA $13,000
Bo Yang China $13,000
Raymond Wu Taipei $13,000
Adrian Lewis Hong Kong $13,000
Gary Wai Lai Canada $13,000
"Jason" Cheung Wai Wong Hong Kong $11,000
Jun Wei Liu China $11,000
Vic Catalan Philippines $11,000
Sergey Lenyuk Russia $11,000
Harold Tsakmaklis Macau $11,000
Kevin Tapley Hong Kong $9,000
Lawrence Lam Netherlands $9,000
Bryan Huang Singapore $9,000
Hiu Yin Cheuk Hong Kong $9,000
Carlos Chang Taipei $9,000
Raiden Kan Malaysia $9,000
Markus Garberg Norway $9,000
Devan Tang Hong Kong $9,000
Tat Yui Wong Hong Kong $9,000
Wai Bing Yiu Hong Kong $9,000
Yosuke Isobe Japan $8,000
Alex Loon Singapore $8,000
Budi Hartono Indonesia $8,000
Takeshi Shioji Japan $8,000
Un Man Ao Ieong Macau $8,000
"Chris" Yuan-cheng Shu Taipei $8,000
Damien Kerneis France $8,000
Naoya Muto Japan $8,000
Chi Keong Kuan Macau $8,000
Hyun Joo Yum Korea $8,000
"Sammy" Xiuming Huang Australia $8,000
Youcef Zalagh France $8,000
Barry Chang Taipei $8,000
Qifeng Liang China $8,000

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