Monnin in the money at FPS Lyon

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgby Henri Frey
Christophe Monnin bagged an €88,444 payday yesterday by winning FPS Lyon. He topped a field of 324 players that generated a healthy €342,144 prize pool.

Monnin's heads-up opponent was Jérémie Sarda from France who took second place for €56,450. The final action saw Sarda shove all-in with K♠T♣. He was called by Monnin who tabled A♦8♥. The board ran Q♦5♦A♠K♦Q♥ giving Monnin the bigger two pair.

FPS Lyon was hailed a success, and PokerStars staff and players now look forward to the next FPS event in Forges on December 18-19.

For more details visit the France Poker Series site.


Christophe Monnin

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