More changes coming to PokerStars software

ps_news_thn.jpgReady for some more changes with the PokerStars software? Here's what the newest update has in store

Font Changes for Games

PokerStars changed the fonts for games to be more distinguishable and more friendly to people with various types of color blindness. Changes include:

• Ring games players are waitlisted for will be blue, bold and italics.
• Ring games players are seated at will be red, bold and italics.
• Tournaments playrs are part of will show the "State" column in red, bold and italics.

Find Seat

"Find Seat" has been opened as a feature to all real money players after making some back-end adjustments. The changes can make joining 24 tables or swapping tables easy as pie (really, really awesome pie).

To recap, when players select a full table in the lobby they will see a "Find Seat" button where "Seat Me" usually is. Click the button and the system will look for an empty seat at the exact same type of table.

Alternatively, once a player is seated at a table, he can press Ctrl+S or go to "Session Options" menu to be seated at another table of the exact same type as the one he is already playing. Players who have "Auto-Buy-In (Ring Games)" enabled won't even have to click any additional buttons! Click Ctrl+S again to will be seated at a third table of the same type.

Sit & Go's already had this feature enabled - Ctrl+S from a S&G tourney or accessing the "Session Options" menu allow you to join another S&G of the exact same type.

Volume Sliders

PokerStars has added a master volume slider for all PokerStars sounds and also individual volume sliders for each sound. They can be found under "Options" > "Sound Settings..."

Bracket for Heads Up Tournaments

PokerStars has developed the ability to display a bracket for Heads Up tournaments from the Tourney Lobby which will show the pairings of opponents and how the tournament has progressed. This is very similar to playoff brackets that exist in many other sports. The feature is in Beta stage and will be slowly added to selected Heads Up tournaments. For now the bracket will only be available after the tournament is down to 64 players.

Register to Any

There was an issue where "Register To Any" would open the S&G tournament lobby even if a player had "Options" > "Advanced Multi-table options" > "Auto-open Sit & Go tournament lobby" unchecked. This is now fixed so Register To Any won't open the Tournament Lobby with the Auto-open option disabled, reducing the number of clicks needed to join S&Gs through Register to Any or Ctrl+S from the table. "Requests" > "Registered in Tournaments" (or Ctrl+R) can be used to show the tournaments a player is registered for.

Other updates

• Font for the text within dialogs was changed to a font that is easier to read in the Windows client.
• Detached Chat minor updates - the window now can be detached on some themes directly from the table by using a button. Other themes will be updated with the January release.
• Bet sizing buttons have changed behavior for draw games - the first draw will show the pre-flop shortcuts, while subsequent draws will show the post-flop buttons.
• When Seat Me fails to find a seat at the selected table (if it had filled), there will now be a "Find Seat" button in the pop-up alert. Clicking Find Seat will take players to another table identical to the one where Seat Me couldn't seat the player
• PokerStars has a new mixed game combining two of the most popular game types - No Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha. No games are available yet, but they will slowly start appearing over the course of December.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news