More improvements to your PokerStars software

ps_news_thn.jpgYou know when you log in to PokerStars and a little box pops up saying 'PokerStars update' and installs something or other before you can get going? Well, there's a very good reason for that - it means the folk running the poker room have developed yet more goodies for you to enjoy while playing on the world's favorite poker site.

Here's the lowdown on our most recent software update. Enjoy!

Focus improvements
This update addresses some focus stealing issues. More notably:

  • 'New Tournaments Take Focus' option has been added in Options>>Advanced Multi-Table Options. When unselected, new tournaments will not steal focus until it is your turn to act. The tournament table would still open automatically, but only in the background.
  • 'You have been moved to another table' is now a message on the table and this event does not steal focus anymore.
  • The 'Seat Available' pop up that invites you to take your seat at a table after being on the waiting list is now modeless, so it will not force you to act on it before you can act on your current table.

    Incremental Time Bank
    We have developed the ability to have an incremental time bank in tournaments. Tournaments will slowly start having the new time bank format as we figure out what format players prefer most.

    By default the notes icon is larger now and we have added a nice coloring of the player circle/rectangle that will match the color of the note. Both options can be controlled through Options>>Player Notes.

    VPIP Column
    The 'Plrs/Flop' column in the Lobby can now be replaced with 'VPIP' through Options>>Lobby Display Options>>Show VPIP instead of Players/Flop column.

    Triple Stud
    We will be introducing Triple Stud - a rotation of Stud Hi, Razz, and Stud Hi/Lo. Games will be showing up throughout August.

    Other updates

  • Minor changes to the new Black and the Slick themes, mostly re-adjustment of visual elements to minimize overlap and create a more balanced layout.
  • The 'Free to check' dialog has been changed to include 'Cancel'.
  • The 'Tournament Tickets' window has been updated to display the tournaments that accept the tickets you have.

    Phew! That's a lot of goodness. We'll report back next time the poker room makes yet more improvements.


    Simon Young
    @MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news