My first time, by Julian Thew

julian-thew-thumb.jpgby Julian Thew

The past two months have seen me put in some significant hours at the tournament tables on PokerStars. I've yet to dazzle but it has been profitable & I'm pleased to have a few final tables under my belt. As someone who has always just played live tournaments I'm feeling a bit like the kid in the candy store, there's just so much choice!

The hours I've been putting in are definitely helping me tune into the flow of the online game & I'm feeling my play is slowly getting more competitive. I'm sure there are many exploitable spots that I'm just not recognising but hopefully they'll start to jump out at me as I put more time & effort in.

I haven't played the SCOOP or WCOOP festivals before but it's something I'm really looking forward to. The high buy-in events are a little too steep for my fledgling online bankroll so I'll be playing the low & medium ones, which will mean huge fields & (hopefully) long hours. I'm probably going to play seven or eight nights & there's just one evening that starts super late at 1am, but hey, poker players are great at adapting to odd hours so I don't think it'll mess me up too much.

It's great that there are three start times; here in the UK that means we can choose between a 4pm, 7pm or 1am start & with registration open for an hour it offers a lot of flexibility. With three young boys charging around the house the 4pm slot would be hard work & I'm usually need of a stiff drink once we've got them all in bed by 7pm. That means I'll probably be opting for an early cat nap (I'm gifted with an ability to be able to sleep anytime, anywhere) & then hopefully an all-nighter or two commencing at the 10pm slot.

That's the plan anyway & whatever happens, I'm sure I'll learn a thing or two along the way.


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