No gold statue, but plenty of doubloons for Ramux in the Sunday Warm-Up

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sunday-warmup-promo1.jpgWhile the Hollywood stars were walking the red carpet in Hollywood, the only fabric anyone was concerned about in the poker world was the final table felt at the PokerStars Sunday majors. This week's Sunday Warm-Up had 4,980 players, with a prize pool of $996,000. It was a fast and furious final table, with a six-way deal after a racecar start, but when everything was settled and the last cards were dealt, Ramux walked away with the win and the $139,163.73 first place prize money. Not only did he win the event, he held the chip lead when the deal was made, so he ended up with the lion's share of the cash as well!
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The final table kicked off in the most tumultuous action I've ever seen, with an elimination on each of the first three hands! On the very first hand of the final table, the short-stacked Shaaarrrp moved all in from early position with A♠-Q♣. Juda10 moved all in over the top to isolate, and when the rest of the table folded, juda10 showed 8♣-8♥ for the slight edge in the race. A slight edge was all juda10 needed, as the board came down K♠-5♦-J♥-4♣-9♦, and Shaaarrrp was done in 9th place ($7,968).

Before the rest of the table could catch their breath, all the chips were in the middle again as L C P open-shoved with K♦-Q♦. His only opponent was Ansgar2000, holding the charmed hand du jour - pocket eights. Ansgar's 8♣-8♦ was good enough to send another competitor to the rail, however, as the board ran out 6♥-9♠-5♠-J♠-3♦. After two hands, and two coin flips, there were two fewer players at the table as LCP collected $12,450 for 8th place.

But the frenzy wasn't over yet, as Ramux and gaffel tangled in one last huge pot to kick off the final table. Ramux opened for a raise with K♥-Q♥, and made the call when gaffel moved all in over the top with A♣-J♠. The flop brought a huge draw to Ramux, as it came down 3♥-3♠-7♥, giving Ramux the flush draw to go with his live cards. The flush hit the turn on the form of the T♥, leaving gaffel drawing dead. The river was the irrelevant J♣, and gaffel headed to bed with an extra $22,410 for 7th place in his bankroll.

With the breathtaking pace of the first few eliminations, the remaining six players decided to chat about a deal. The massive chip lead the Ramux had accumulated made the deal process difficult, but after some lengthy debate, a deal was reached that left $10,000 for the winner and locked up comfortable guarantees for everyone.

The deal locked up $129,163.73 for chip leader Ramux, while the second-place Ansgar2000 picked up $86,163.71. Hismoon nabbed $77,163.71 for his third-place stack, Method999 locked in $68,163.71, juda10 took down a guaranteed $66,163.71 and Feez0 grabbed $48,163.71 for his 6th-place stack. That left $10,000 for the eventual winner of the tournament, and play resumed.

After some jockeying for position at the final table and a few double-ups, the first big confrontation sent two players to the rail at once. Feez0 found himself on the extreme short stack and put his last few chips in the middle of the table as the big blind. Method999 raised from the button, and Ramux made the call from the small blind. The flop came down 9♦-K♠-7♥, and the rest of the chips went in the middle. Feez0 showed Q♠-4♠, Method999 opened K♥-6♦, and Ramux held the lead with K♣-T♦. The K♦ on the turn did nothing to change that, and when the river brought the T♠, it was all over for Feez0 and Method999.

Ansgar2000 was the next to fall, busting in 4th place at the hands of juda10. Action folded around to juda, who moved all in preflop with 6♥-9♥. Ansgar thought for a moment but finally called with A♣-8♣. Juda10 picked up a pair of nines on a flop of T♥-K♠-9♣, and that was enough to hold up and send Ansgar packing as the turn and river came down 7♦-Q♦ and thin the field to three.

It took a little while to whittle it down, and there were several double-throughs along the way to heads-up play, but finally juda10's run at the final table came to an end. After Ramux folded from the button, juda10 moved all in from the small blind with A♣-6♣. Hismoon made the call with A♦-9♣, and his lead extended with the flop of 4♦-A♠-9♠. Needing running sixes to stay alive, juda was drawing dead after the T♣ hit the turn. The river was a meaningless Q♦, and the tournament was heads up for $10,000.

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Heads up play was a real battle, with multiple lead change and double ups before everything was finally settled. But in the end, it came down to who could catch cards when it counted most, and that was Ramux on the last hand. After crippling Hismoon, then doubling him up on back-to-back hands, all the money went in the middle preflop once again, but this time Ramux had the right ammo - pocket aces. His A♣-A♦ was firmly in the driver's seat against Hismoon's K♣-J♥. The flop brought more suspense as it came down T♣-7♣-Q♠, giving Hismoon the up and down straight draw, but the 5♥ on the turn was no help. Ramux just needed to fade an ace or nine on the river to win the tournament and the extra $10k, and when the river brought the Q♦, that's exactly what he did. Hismoon played a brilliant final table, even taking over Ramux's seemingly insurmountable chip lead a couple of time, but in the end he could only come away with second place.

Congrats to Ramux, who picked up $139,163.73 when all was said and done, and congratulations as well to all our final table players!

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