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Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgWe know you enjoy reading our wide selection of poker news, live event coverage and blogs as much as we take pleasure in putting it all together. Up until now, however, it's been a bit of a one-way process: we write it, you read it.

That's a little frustrating because, unless you email us or chat to us on a tournament floor somewhere, we never enjoy a conversation. What's more, you do not get to see what other readers have to say. And that's a shame.

No more! PokerStars Blog is today opening up comments, allowing you to give your view, offer the Blog Team large amounts of money ask a question, say hello, or get something off your chest. You can leave feedback/make requests on any of our posts, something that may be especially popular when we are live reporting from a tournament.

However, we're not going to try and run before we can walk. Initially we will only open up comments on a few posts to make sure things are working as they should. Once that's done, it's all systems go.

We'd ask politely that you respect a few sensible rules: no foul or abusive language, no html code, and no comments that attempt to advertise external sites. All comments will be moderated, so keep it clean, legal and fair or your comment will not get to see the light of day. Also, please keep comments relevant to the post under which they appear. We reserve the right to edit a comment if necessary.

We look forward to hearing from you, although there is not always something worth commenting on. Take this very ordinary picture of Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie, for example - seems quite normal to me...


John Duthie: no comment

Simon Young
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