Pinowww powers through fast final table, takes 11/21/10 Sunday Warm-Up

sunday-warmup-thumb.jpgThis week's Sunday Warm-Up nearly became a Sunday Million in its own right, with the $215 buy-in tourney attracting a whopping 4,748 players, thereby creating a total prize pool of $949,000 (well above the $750K guarantee). The top 675 spots paid in this one, with the player finishing first scheduled to see an additional $148,975.39 the next time he or she checked the balance on that PokerStars account.

The cash bubble would burst just shy of the four-hour mark, with a couple of members of Team PokerStars among the last eliminations prior to the money. André "acoimbra" Coimbra of Team Online hit the rail in 732nd, and Jan Heitmann of Team PokerStars Germany got knocked out in 697th.

At that point, with 675 players remaining, the top five contained a couple of familiar names. Daniel "djk123" Kelly led the way, having just won a big pot in which he eliminated an opponent, nilsef, in 678th place.

That hand saw TimK0123 open with a standard raise from late position, and nilsef flat-calling from the button. Kelly called as well from the big blind, and the flop came 6♣5♣A♣. Kelly checked, TimK0123 made a continuation bet, and nilsef called. Kelly then check-raised, forcing a fold from TimK0123 but inviting an all-in reraise from nilsef. Kelly called, showing Q♣T♣ for a flopped flush, while nilsef turned over A♦A♥ for a set of aces.

The turn and river failed to pair the board, sending nilsef out and Kelly into the chip lead. Just behind Kelly at that point were shampusik, Allanon85, 123MINIME, and Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis.


Daniel "djk123" Kelly

Just two members of Team PokerStars survived into the cash, Andre "aakkari" Akkari (Brazil) and Andrew "Kid Nebraska" Goetsch (Team Online).

Akkari had an above-average stack and continued to do well for another half-hour or so. Then came a three-way all-in hand in which Akkari committed nearly his entire stack with A♠J♣ and was up against a couple of pocket pairs in jdsmith9's T♦T♣ and OhScissorMe's Q♦Q♠. OhScissorMe's hand held, knocking jdsmith9 out and leaving Akkari with just over 4,000 chips -- not even one big blind. The Brazilian would part with those on the next hand, and Akkari was out in 384th place ($398.83).

Goetsch would last a while longer, though eventually "Kid Nebraska" would find it needful to open-shove his not-quite-10-big-blind stack from the small blind with 8♥8♠, and got a call from ak2criver in the BB with A♣4♣. The flop couldn't be much worse for Goetsch -- 2♦5♦3♦ -- giving his opponent a straight and leaving Kid Nebraska drawing mighty thin. The 7♠ on the turn removed all remaining hope for Goetsch, who finished in 215th place ($569.76).

Five hours and 20 minutes into the tournament, CKBWoP went out in 201st place, also earning $569.76. With 200 players remaining, BluffaloBull had pushed out in front with almost 1 million chips, followed by nygmen27, ZonaVx, KurreK, and lancevk.

A while later, Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis would be knocked out in 126th place ($949.60). After six hours and 15 minutes of play, jnpn would go out in 101st place ($1,044.56), and with 100 left, ReyMysterio7 had taken the lead, nearing 1.5 million-chip mark. Behind him were eight more players with more than 1 million chips: lancevk, djk123, BMH v.2.37, dr3dd, KIA666, Evry1sPrblem, Russian_nuts, and aya102161.

They had just crossed the seven-hour mark when THE CUBE was eliminated in 51st place, earning $1,785.24. By then dr3dd had cruised into first with just over 2.74 million chips. Joining him in the two-million-chip club were Catenaccio with 2.56 million and DaMurdera3 with 2.25 million.

A little over half an hour later 27 players remained. Jon "sketchy1" Eaton was among the recent casualties, having been ousted in 43rd ($1,937.18), as was Daniel "djk123" Kelly who went out in 32nd ($2,089.12). Meanwhile, Catenaccio had moved in front with 5.44 million, well ahead of his nearest competitors kenz085 and dr3dd, both of whom were hovering around the 3.5 million mark.

After eight hours and 15 minutes, they were down to two nine-handed tables, with kenz085 in front with 4.44 million, followed by dr3dd (4.22 million), and Evry1sPrblem (3.79 million). About one hour later, lancevk eliminated moussy69 in 10th place ($5,697.60), and the final table was set.


Seat 1: supahmario -- 3,182,709
Seat 2: lancevk -- 10,213,898
Seat 3: kenz085 -- 5,237,204
Seat 4: Illini213 -- 3,540,449
Seat 5: Pinowww -- 7,579,398
Seat 6: Kyazho -- 3,469,730
Seat 7: MSAKI -- 6,729,833
Seat 8: Catenaccio -- 4,954,568
Seat 9: Russian_nuts -- 2,572,211

It didn't take long for the final table to see action, with an all-in and a call on the very first hand. With the blinds 125,000/250,000, it folded around to MSAKI who raised to 750,000 from the button. Catenaccio folded, then Russian_nuts shoved all in from the big blind for 2,547,211 total. MSAKI called, showing 6♠6♦, a notch better than Russian_nuts' 5♦5♥. The flop came 2♦A♦Q♠, then the 6♣ on the turn meant no river card could help Russian_nuts, who just like that was out in ninth.

Less than an orbit later, lancevk opened from middle position to 600,000, then Kyazho pushed all in from the small blind for 3,044,730. MSAKI got out of the way from the BB, and lancevk made the call, showing A♦T♦ to Kyazho's A♠7♦.

Kyazho needed help, and help arrived on the flop which came 6♣9♦7♣, giving Kyazho a pair. The turn was a safe 5♥, but the river brought the 8♥, putting a straight on board, but giving lancevk the better straight with his ten. Kyazho was out in eighth.

Just a few minutes later, supahmario was open-shoving all in from late position for 3,182,709. It folded to kenz085 in the small blind who, having supahmario covered, reraised all in, and Illini213 quickly folded from the BB. kenz085 showed K♠K♦, and had supahmario in a world of hurt with his 9♥8♥. The five community cards -- 4♦Q♥A♦A♥3♠ -- meant kenz085's cowboys were still best, and supahmario was out in seventh.

The blinds moved up to 150,000/300,000 (Level 35), and the bustouts kept coming. They were about 15 minutes into the final table when Illini213 opened with an all-in raise to 3,679,264 from the cutoff and MSAKI called from the small blind. Illini213 showed Q♦Q♠, while MSAKI tabled A♣9♦. All was fine for Illini213 through the turn, as the cards came J♥T♠6♠6♦. But the river brought the dreaded ace -- the A♠ -- and Illini213 was out in sixth.

The battle moved forward among the remaining five, with MSAKI having pushed out to nearly 20 million, well ahead of Pinowww in second with just over 9 million. Catenaccio was next with 8.6 million, followed by kenz085 with 7.1 million and lancevk with 2.75 million.

It would be the two shortest stacks who would have the next big confrontation. The table folded to lancevk on the button who pushed all in for the 2,725,245 he had left, then kenz085 reraised all in from the small blind. Pinowww folded, kenz085 showed K♣Q♦, and lancevk J♦8♥. The next five cards didn't help lancevk, coming 9♣2♠A♥6♣3♥ and sending him out in fifth.

The remaining four would battle another 10 minutes or so, then, within the space of just a dozen hands, the last three eliminations would quickly come.

First to go was MSAKI. With the blinds at 200,000/400,000, MSAKI would push all in from the button for 4,688,614 with A♣7♥, and kenz085 called in the big blind with Q♣T♦. The flop came J♦2♦8♥ and MSAKI was still ahead. The turn was the A♥, giving MSAKI top pair. But the river was the 9♣, filling kenz0805's straight and pushing MSAKI out in fourth.

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On the very next hand, Catenaccio open-shoved from the button for 6,339,136, and Pinowww called from the big blind, turning over 8♦8♣ while Catenaccio had K♦J♥. The five community cards soon appeared in the middle of the table, coming 2♠9♣5♥3♠Q♠, and Catenaccio was gone in third.

Heads-up play began with Pinowww enjoying about a 2-to-1 advantage with 30,996,728 to kenz085's 16,483,272. The first three hands went kenz085's way, allowing him to close the gap a little, and encouraging him to suggest a deal.

kenz085: deal 50-50?
Pinowww: na
kenz085: ?
Pinowww: not talking about a deal for now
kenz085: kk

kenz085 last message was meant as shorthand for "Okay, okay." But as it turned out, his "kk" was perhaps a little prophetic, given how the tourney's final hand would play out.

Pinowww had pushed back up to 31.6 million to kenz085's 15.8 million when Pinowww opened with a 2x raise to 800,000 from the small blind/button. kenz085 then made it 2.4 million to go, and Pinowww called.

The flop came 7♥5♠7♣, and kenz085 continued for 2 million. Pinowww made the call. Both players then checked the 7♦ turn.

The river brought the T♦ and kenz085 fired out 555,555. Pinowww hesitated a moment, then shoved all in, and kenz085 thought just a bit before making the call with his remaining chips. kenz085 showed T♠2♠ for a rivered full house, sevens full of tens.

But Pinowww had K♥K♣ for the better boat . After almost 10 hours -- and just a little over 40 minutes at the final table -- we had a winner.

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Congratulations to Pinowww, the latest winner of the Sunday Warm-Up!

Sunday Warm-Up Results for 11/21/10:

1st: Pinowww ($148,975.39)
2nd: kenz085 ($110,628.40)
3rd: Catenaccio ($78,342)
4th: MSAKI ($53,652.40)
5th: lancevk ($40,358)
6th: Illini213 ($30,862)
7th: supahmario ($21,366)
8th: Kyazho ($11,870)
9th: Russian_nuts ($7,596.80)

As always, see the PokerStars tourney page for info on the Sunday Warm-Up and all of the other tourneys available at the world's largest poker site.

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