PokerStars acquires top poker portals

ps_news_thn.jpgPokerStars recently acquired,, and, three of the most well-established poker information portals on the internet. Along with this site,, the sites offer poker players a valuable resource of online poker information. was originally launched in 2000. It features an extensive collection of strategy articles, interviews and book reviews; a highly detailed worldwide poker room directory; one of the most comprehensive tournament results databases in the world; and historical coverage of major North American and European poker tournaments of the last five years.

Similarly, the "Winner's Guide to Online Poker" published by poker player Steve Badger on in 2000 was the first online poker strategy guide ever published. also includes sections on Texas Hold'em, Omaha, tournament considerations, blinds play, poker psychology, bankroll management and many other facets of both online and live poker play.

Shirley Rosario, a successful tournament player and former prop player at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, launched in 2003. It was the first site to offer profiles and photos of famous and highly successful poker players in addition to offering strategy articles on lesser-known games like Omaha, Razz and Badugi.


Shirley Rosario

Brad Willis
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