PokerStars F40: The 40 billionth approacheth





We're not saying you should just start playing on PokerStars right now and not stop until the 40 billionth hand hits. We're not, because you probably have a lot of important things to do. You probably need to get a haircut or meet with the landscapers or take your kid to swimming lessons. However, if none of the above apply to you and you have some hours to kill, our math wizards suggest that PokerStars 40 billionth hand will probably be dealt sometime in the next 24 hours.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people have already cashed in on the PokerStars F40 celebration (see almost 2,000 of them on our PokerStars 40 billionth hand milestone winners page). Your time to get in on the milestone hands is growing short.

If you've not heard, everybody who is dealt into PokerStars 40 billionth hand will earn $400 for every VIP Player Point they earned in the past 40 hands at that table. The winner of the hand will have that amount doubled. That could end up being one nice hunk of change.

We've tracked down a few more of our milestone hand winners. The player known as CalvinJohnsn told us, "I was pretty excited to see that I had been dealt into a milestone hand...I figured it would be worth at least $2,000. After my opponent and I both finished with the same hand, I was a little nervous that it would not count as 'winning' the hand and it would not be doubled, but PokerStars paid us both as winners. Winning the $4,957 was a nice boost for February."


CalvinJohnsn and his wife

Supernova Elite hopeful niwin has been playing a lot this year in an attempt to reach the pinnacle of the VIP Club. He ended up winning nearly $1,900 for hitting the milestone. "It was my lucky day to get dealt one of these milestone hands," he told us. I was only playing about 7 or 8 tables at the same time, and all the sudden there was a pop-up window appeared on one of my tables. I couldn't believe what I saw. I was about to get dealt a milestone hand!"



Sisi Capwell already hit a milestone hand earlier in the promotion, but didn't managed to win it. That changed a few days later. "This time I had top pair and successfully won a big pot at showdown and a big prize for the milestone hand," he said.

Sisi Capwell.jpg

Sisi Capwell

Not only did PokerStars player redargoe hit two milestone hands during the promotion, he won both of them. He told us the story like this:

"In my first hand I had KQ vs three unpaired undercards which I ended up making a straight." he said. "Then in my second I had AQ again vs three unpaired undercards, which I flopped a queen. The first bonus was for approximately $150 because it was my seventh hand at the table. However the second was for $1950! So, if you included winning the actual hands, I made $2,750 during the F40 hand celebration. Gotta love the Pokerstars promotional periods!"


redargoe and his sister

You still have...well, let's call it less than a day...before the milestone hands lead up the PokerStars 40 billionth hand. That doesn't mean the promotion will end, however.

This Sunday, PokerStars will host a monster $4 million guaranteed Sunday Million with a $1 million guaranteed first prize. Talk about a way to finish off the party.

In the meantime, start drinking the Red Bull and get ready for the biggest milestone hand of the year.

It will be here before you know it.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news