PokerStars F40: The faces of the winners

F40-thumb.jpgIf you're like me, you look at those sweepstakes announcements on the back of your morning cereal box and think, "Nobody ever wins those things! It's all fake! If only they would publish the photos of the winners!"

Well, if you're like that, you might also wonder the same thing about this monstrous F40 promotion going on at PokerStars right now.

As PokerStars gives out hundred of thousands of dollars in the run-up to its 40 billionth deal hand, we've been reaching out to the people who have been winning big cash in the milestone hands.

Take, for instance, Deborah Mitchell, aka Riptidebsi. She was playing a ton of tables of $1/$2 PLO six-max when something surprised her.

"I wanted to have more shots at the milestone hands. I won one the last promotion they had for over $1,400 and wanted some more of that!" she said. "I actually didn't know I won until a pop-up message came on the screen that said I won about $1,430! Thank you PokerStars for your innovative promotions, superb VIP club, outstanding customer service and variety of games. You are truly the best online and live poker experience on the planet!"



Then there have been people like GaBlieu who saw the milestone hand pop-up and figured he stood a good chance of getting some good money if he just shoved.

"I think I did the best decision by going all-in with a hundred bucks, vs tomtomtom26 who only had 25$," he said. "I was sure winning much more than my stack, at first, and If he called and won I would've lost only $25 but it was worth it obviously, as he folded!"



The man known as Netcash was one of those people who thinks they never win anything. And then he won something.

"I had read about the promotion but really did not expect to receive any prize," he said. "I was playing six tables when suddenly jumped up the milestone hand. With pocket sevens, I went all-in pre-flop and won the hand. In all the F40 prize promotion was about $1,300."



Finally, there was dickkemp who got paid to do what he would be doing otherwise.

"Being dealt into the hand was really amazing," he said. "It's free money basically for playing when I normally play anyways. Once dealt the hand you have an option to double your money by winning the hand. So naturally I went all in with three other players thinking the same thing. It was fun and I really like how PokerStars is giving money back to the community that supports them. It keeps the games going and I really think PokerStars has managed to make something for everyone."



Those are just a few of the hundreds of people who have already won money in the F40 celebration. For a big list of winners, check out our PokerStars 40 billionth hand milestone winners.

The big 40 billionth hand is still to come. Keep an eye on the milestone hands. The 40 billionth will be here before you know it.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news