PokerStars F40: Tips on hitting the milestone hands

F40-thumb.jpgIt's fairly amazing how quickly PokerStars can deal a million hands. In fact, it sometimes happens so quickly, you miss it entirely.

Alan Lui had no idea he was in a milestone hand during the F40 celebration. In fact, the Supernova Elite had to be told by a buddy who was playing on another table at the time. Meanwhile, Lui just played his normal game.

"I supposedly bluffed the original raiser off of pocket aces on the river to win the pot," Lui said.

It worked out well for him. Not only did he win the milestone bonus, but he won the hand and an extra $1,431.20 for his effort.


Alan Lui

The same thing happened to Frenchfish94. He's a grinder and was playing so many tables, he didn't see the milestone coming.

"I was multi-tabling and I didn't see it was on my table," he said. "So, I folded my hand."



In the first 126 milestone hands, PokerStars has awarded $247,190.80 in prize money. So far the biggest single winner pocketed nearly $4,000. You can see a full rundown of everyone who has won money in the last few days on our PokerStars 40 billionth hand milestone winners page.

You might be wondering if there is anything in particular you can do to increase your chances of hitting the milestone hands. We asked the people behind the scenes at PokerStars and they suggested the following tips.

  • Sit down 20 minutes before a given milestone to earn enough VIP Player Points before the milestone hits. In that amount of time, you can maximize your earning potential.

  • Add another table to the number your normally play.

  • See a few more flops to boost those VPP counts.

  • Join a full ring table where the VPPs per hand tend to be a little higher.
  • There's still a lot of money to be awarded. When will the big one hit? Hard to say, but start looking toward later this week for the chance to win $400 per VPP.

    Also, don't miss today's Micro Million, a $40 tournament with a $1 million guarantee going off at 14:30 ET today.

    Good luck!

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news