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PokerStars improves software again

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgYet again the boffins in white coats in the PokerStars Science Lab* have come up with a new batch of improvements to your software. The changes will go live in the next few days, once you've downloaded the update.

Here's what is coming your way. Deep breathe - there's loads..

Find Seat
Building on top of 'Seat Me', we are introducing 'Find Seat'. When you select a full ring game table or a table at which you are already seated, with the click of a button (called 'Find Seat') you will be able to take a seat at another table of the exact same type as the currently selected one.

The 'Find Seat' functionality has also been added to the 'Session Options' menu, hence with two mouse clicks, or by pressing Ctrl+S, you can be seated at another identical table without even having to open the main lobby.

This feature will be rolled out slowly - only a few players will see it initially, but over the course of a week it should be visible to everyone, provided everything goes smoothly. We cannot open this feature to individuals on request, so please don't ask!

Sit & Go's have a related change - the Session Options menu will have a new entry - 'Register to Similar Tournament (Ctrl+S)' - this has the same effect as 'Register to Any' from the lobby.

Bet Slider Options and Bet Sizing Buttons
Several changes to new options to the bet slider:
• The mouse wheel can now be used to move the bet slider without having to select the table first. Simply hover the mouse pointer over the bet slider and any scrolls will affect the bet slider beneath the pointer, regardless of which PokerStars table currently has focus
• There are several options, located in 'Options' >> 'Bet Slider Options...' that adjust the bet slider behaviour - option to increment in small blinds, to invert the mouse wheel behaviour, and to jump the slider to the clicked position instead of incrementing by a Small or a Big Blind
• Last, and probably best, we have given you the ability to customize your own bet sizing shortcut buttons. Those are small buttons above the bet slider which have pre-set bet amounts, e.g. Bet Pot button. Those buttons are off by default since we do not believe that every player would like to have this feature, but you can enable them by going to 'Options' >> 'Bet Slider Options'. You can configure different buttons for pre- and for post-flop action. Pre-flop you can specify number of Big Blinds, and post-flop you can specify a % of the pot, among other options. You can have anything that will fit your playing style - it's up to you

Visual Representation of Time to Act
We have added a visual representation of the remaining time to act. At the moment of the first "time warning", a running-down bar will be displayed next to the Time Bank button. Additionally, the Time Bank button will be visually different depending on whether the time bank will activate or not. If the time bank will activate, the button will be depressed. When you have no time bank left, "Time 0" will be displayed.

Detached Chat (previously Detached Controls)
Moving this out of Beta, we have improved the design and also added several additional features. There is an option now to automatically detach the window for newly opened tables. We have also implemented Merged mode (default) when you are playing at more than one table. In Merged mode there is only one detached chat window shared among all the tables currently open. We strongly recommend to try this out while multi-tabling.

Tournament Summaries Saved to Hard Drive
You can now enable saving of tournament summaries to your hard drive. To do so, go to 'Options' >> 'Tournament Summary Options...'

Sit & Go Auto-Close Option
Based on popular demand we have added an option that will close a Sit & Go tourney without any notification when it ends. Once the tourney ends the table will silently close in the background. The option is 'Options' >> 'Advanced Multi-Table Options...' >> 'Auto-close SNG without notification' and is off by default.

Filter Improvements
• The Sit & Go filter now allows you to filter by players currently registered and by number of total entrants in a Sit & Go.
• The keywords "AND" and "OR" act as Boolean operators to allow you to construct more complex keyword searches in the text box.
• A button which will reset to default settings has been added.

'Apply Layout to Active Monitor'
This new option allows players who use multiple monitors to tile/cascade/stack the tables only on the currently active monitor. Once enabled from the "View" lobby menu, the layouts will only be applied to the tables on the active monitor. This can be very useful to logically split your tables across multiple monitors.

Options Menu Re-grouping
The Options menu in the lobby has been slightly rearranged. We feel the new way is more structured and easier to navigate - all the changes should be intuitive and all previous options should be easy to find.

Miscellaneous Changes:
Tournament registration dialog will have the tournament name, to minimize the chance of mis-registering for tourneys.

We hope you enjoy the changes. Thank you for playing on PokerStars!

* The PokerStars Science Lab does not exist. I wish it did, but I made it up (although the improvements are real). Sorry.


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