PokerStars IPT Venice in the pink, breaks record

IPT_thn.jpgOK, so here on Team PokerStars Blog we are known to get a little excited by all things poker. So when we described earlier this week how the PokerStars Italian Poker Tour had become one of the most important events in the European poker calendar, some may have chortled and put it down to our boyish enthusiasm. Aha! We were right! Read on...

Yesterday, day 1B of IPT Venice saw 278 players clocking in. Added to day 1A's field, that makes a total entry of 505 players.

And that, my friends, is a record turnout for the Italian Poker Tour. Enthusiam FTW!

The bumper field at the Ca' Noghera casino means the event is looking at a bulging €979,000 prize pool, of which €235,000 will go to the winner. Nice. In total, 72 players will be paid.

But that's a way off yet. First we need to get today's day 2 out of the way. Yesterday saw Sam El Sayed from Switzerland finish as Day 1B chip leader with 139,100 chips, followed by Italian PokerStars qualifier Muhamet Perati with 136,000. The average stack is 47,931.

Among those through to today's play is Team PokerStars Pro Salvatore Bonavena and Friend of PokerStars Alberto Russo. We first met Bonavena at EPT Prague in Season 5. He won it, but it was the way he played and went about his business that made him a firm favorite of ours.

So much so that we now call him affectionately 'Sal Bon'. He seems to like it, but not as much as he likes fancy hats and colorful attire. Only the Italians can get away with pink tops, in my opinion.


Sal Bon

Day 2 action will be along shortly, and you can follow it over on our sister Italian blog. Please keep our blogger Matteo Viola company. He'll start waving his arms about and talking at a million miles an hour if you don't.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news