PokerStars IPT Venice final table set

IPT_thn.jpgWith a record-breaking field for a PokerStars Italian Poker Tour event, IPT Venice was always going to be a success. But for the remaining eight players, 'success' will be determined by just how much they get paid when the final table plays out today.

While they're already guaranteed at least €18,000 each, more than enough to buy a few years worth of pasta, it's the €235,000 for first that they've all got their eye on. That's enough to buy a Ferrari. Or 18 Fiat 500s if you prefer (not sure why you would, mind you).

Chip leader going into the final table is Ali Tekitamgac, a 41-year old from Germany, with 2,254,000. Not far behind is Toby Lewis from England with 2,117,000.

You can follow all the action over on our sister Italian blog. Don't read Italian? Google translate will help you become a linguistic genius. In the meantime, get the info on the final eight players below:

Toby Lewis, UK, 2,117,000
The 20-year-old Englishman has already won many tournaments at home and he cashed at last season's EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final and EPT Prague. He plans to spend his winnings on playing as many tournaments as he can (so not on pasta or a Ferrari, then?).


Toby Lewis

Andras Kovacs, Hungary, 815,000
Andras, 25, came third at last season's IPT Venice. He's been playing poker for five years and he's planning to play as many IPTs as possible. He bought in direct to this event and considers himself a professional poker player.


Andras Kovacs

Davide Cerrato, Italy, 2,030,000
Davide is a 27-year-old player from Caserta, who plays on PokerStars.IT with the UserID milfhunter83. He began to play 18 months ago and is planning to spend his money for his family, to buy a house and a car (a Ferrari?).


Davide Cerrato

Ali Tekitamgac, Germany, 2,254,000
Tekitamgac, 41, has been playing poker for more than 20 years. He got his best results at EPT Monte Carlo where he won €150,000.


Ali Tekitamgac

Giovanni La Padula, Italy, 914,000
This will be the 43-year-old's first live tournament cash since he started playing poker 13 months ago. He's thinking of giving away part of his winning (70% if he wins first or second prize) to charities. Good man.


Giovanni La Padula

Sandro Mazzei, Italy, 731,000
Sandro, 36, has been playing poker for four years and plans to spend his winnings at Venice on buying a house.


Sandro Mazzei

Cristiano Guerra, Italy, 806,000
The 29-year-old student has been playing poker for two years and plays on PokerStars.IT with the UserID crisbus81. His best live result was at an EPT Prague side event, when he finished third.


Cristiano Guerra

Tamas Lendvai, Hungary, 429,000
Tamas is a 38-year-old player from Hungary. He's been playing poker for four years. He's a familiar face on the PokerStars live event circuit, and his biggest cashes to date were at the 2010 PCA for $87,500, EPT London for $30,000, the 2010 WSOP for $23,000 dollars and APPT Macau in 2008 for $16,000.


Tamas Lendvai

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news