PokerStars Sunday tournament results (3-14-10)

ps_news_thn.jpgAh, the ides of March. Not really the best day for Caesar, but we can't let that drag us down, can we?

No, we cannot. There is simply too much to report.

For instance, PokerStars hosted a regular old Sunday Million yesterday that drew nearly 10,000 players. There was no special promotion going on or anything like that. Simply thousands of players lining up for the biggest weekly tournament anywhere.

First prize yielded the eventual winner, Highway51, more than $270,000 in cash. You can read all about it in Jen Newell's 3-14-10 Sunday Million final table report.


A bit earlier in the night, Brazil's own lu_tricolor hit the Sunday Warm-Up for more than $130,000. David Aydt has the story in the 3-14-10 Sunday Warm-Up final table report.

So, you want more? We've got it. Here's a complete list of all the weekend's biggest tournament final tables and their winners: 3-14-2010 PokerStars Sunday tournament results.

Congratulations to everyone who raked in the big dough this past weekend. Good luck to everyone who will be playing this week.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news