PokerStars Sunday tournament results 6-13-10

ps_news_thn.jpgThe only time a poker tournament ends in a tie is when the opponents want it to (or, I suppose, a satellite). It can happen with a heads-up chop, or, in the case of the fabled summer 2008 Venetian Deep Stack series, a 38-way deal. Otherwise, you have a winner. In my estimation, that's how it should end: a winner, a loser, and a bunch of people who should be ashamed.

Something that may or may not be clear about the PokerStars Blog: we are staffed by a wide variety of writers from different countries. The great majority of people who write on these pages are either from the United States or England. As you might imagine, the World Cup has dug a deep chasm between these writers. On one side of the pond, you have a frothing, sweating band of hooligans who have laid claim to creating the sport. On the other, there are a bunch of people who are sure football involves goalposts and a fifty yard line. That's how you end up with American headlines like this.


Ah, yes, what a weekend in the wide, wide world of sports. England put a meringue-topped dessert in goal and the United States was able to celebrate kissing its sister. My fellow writer Simon Young was forced to issue an apology and I had to explain to my son that the world's most popular sport sometimes ends without a winner (this led to a lengthy discussion of Pai Gow poker and...well, nevermind).

The point in all of this is that PokerStars managed to get all caught up in World Cup fever, while at the same time making sure nothing ended without a winner. That's how it should be, damn it.

The biggest wins of the weekend went to hitthenose, who won this weekend's Sunday Warm-Up, and redfins9 who took down the Sunday Million.

(Note: The above players are both from the United States, if that's the kind of of thing that makes a difference to you or, better, rubs salt in the open World Cup wound).

The U-S-A(!) and England both play in Group C again on Friday. Here's to both of them fielding teams that understand the basic fundamentals of the sport.

In the meantime, here's a complete list of this week's PokerStars Sunday tournament winners for 6-13-10.

Until next week, may all your pots be monsters and all your goalkeepers see better than Robert Green.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news