PokerStars Sunday tournament results 8-1-10

ps_news_thn.jpgUnless you're a titan of industry, a Gordon Gecko-ish corporate raider, or an excessively-compensated professional athlete, chances are you're not going to find many opportunities to make a couple hundred grand in a day. Those chances are left to people who start each day by lighting their morning fire with a $100 bill and then stirring a $500 Blood Mary with a big, thick piece of bacon.

Or something like that.

Or, you could be one of the people who took down a big Sunday tournament on PokerStars this weekend.

That is, if you wanted one of those big bacon Bloody Marys, it would be easier if you were PokerStars player Buffett986. He took down this weekend's Sunday Warm-Up for $119,735.

If you'd like to make this one a double, then look the way of aqua44 who banked $245,914 for his Sunday Million win a few hours ago.


For a complete list of this weekend's biggest tournament results, see the 8-1-10 PokerStars tournament results page.

Good luck and cheers to all!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news