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PokerStars to celebrate 40 billionth hand

F40-thumb.jpgAh, it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating PokerStars 20 billionth hand. Those were heady times, weren't they? And, my, how time flies when you're winning your monthly nut.

After several failed attempts with an abacus, we hired a math major from the local university to do some counting for us, and we've just discovered that PokerStars is not far from hitting its 40 billionth hand.

Forty billion. It's a number that you can't visualize. It's a ridiculously large number of poker hands to be played. In fact, I'd be curious to know how many live poker hands have been played worldwide in the history of the game. Anyone wanna try that out? Send me an e-mail to blog@pokerstars.com.

In the meantime, PokerStars is getting ready to throw a big ol' 40 Billionth Hand party, including everything you have come to expect from these promotions: Multi-table tournaments with big guarantees, milestone hand rewards, special Sit & Go tournaments, first-time depositor freerolls, and a VIP Club instant cash credit.


If you've seen these kinds of promotions before, you might notice a little difference in how you get paid. Instead of winning a specific dollar number for being dealt into a winning hand, you will earn $40 for every VIP Player Point you earned in the previous 40 hands played on that table. When it comes time for the 40 billionth hand, you will earn $400 for every VPP earned in the previous 40 hands at that table. Depending on how many VPPs you're raking in these days, that could end up being some pretty serious cash. Oh, and if I didn't mention it, if you happen to win the milestone hand, PokerStars will double your prize.

As if that wasn't enough, PokerStars is going to host a $4 million guaranteed Sunday Million on February 21st with $1 million guaranteed to first place. There will also be a special $1 million guaranteed $40 buy-in event and other smaller events to celebrate the 40 billionth hand.

Still want more? Well, there will be a series of 40-player SNGs with some bigtime payouts, freerolls for people making their first deposit, and a one-time $40 cash credit for 2,500 FPPs in the VIP Store.

That's how PokerStars celebrates. So, strap on your caffeine IVs and get ready to hit some milestone hands. The next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

For more information and all the details you will need, check out the F40 page.

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