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PokerStars Women's Leagues shaping up

Thumbnail image for ps_news_thn.jpgby Amy Zupko
The ladies showed up en masse through the months of August and September to battle their way to top monthly cash awards in the PokerStars Women Leagues. With their eyes on the final prize of additional cash and a Ladies Luxury Poker Club trip at the end of the year, the ladies have proven to be tough competition in both the US and European leagues.

Overall there were 1,388 players in the leagues, with 963 of them from the USD league and 425 from the EUR league. There were 4,129 games played individually by the top fifty in both leagues for the inaugural months with 15,569 points awarded to the winners of the monthly prize pool.

In the US league, Gwyneth2112 (US) topped the chart for the month of August, amassing 147 points over the course of 31 games and winning the top prize of $300 for the month. She pushed through the crowd again in September with a tenth-place finish for $40.

Although MASSIEL (MX) played the most games out of the top 50 (35) in the month of August, she ended with a total of 138 points for second place and a $200 prize. In September she finished in 30th for an additional $10.

DiamondDixi (US) made good use of her 24 games (the lowest number of games played in the top 10 in August). She tied for eighth place with imFROMTHESKY for a $40 payout. She moved easily into 10th in the September league for another $40.

With a total of 47 points HeartofPKR (US) played in the fewest games (7) out of the top 50 in August but still managed to place in a three-way tie for a respectable 38th with mcjack5678 (US), who played 14 games and agerm269 (US), who played 17. All three won an additional $10 for their efforts.

After placing in 24th place in August, Debiloki (US) killed the competition in September with 140 points over the course of 32 games for the $300 prize.

ImFROMTHESKY (MX) and TXScooper played the most games (33) out of the top 50 for September, ending the month in 2nd and 4th places respectively.

In the European league Dasultanz of Lithuania topped the August European League with 228 points for a €200 payout. She played in 32 games and edged out a 10th place finish in September with an additional 115 points and €10.

Second place andrlupascu (RO) played the most games (35) in the month of August and ended the month in second place for €150. She remained in the top 10 in September in a tie for 7th place with Dimsum666 (NL). Both gained 121 points over 29 games and received €27.50 for their efforts.

Jennifer Jennium Shahade (US) played in the fewest games out of the top ten (14). She ended in 7th place with 121 points and a €30 payout.

Meet the players
Gwyneth 2112
The winner of the August league, Gwyneth2112 is a student accounts representative at a local career college near her home in Thornton, Colorado. Her poker experiences started for fun at the suggestion of a friend who recommended that she play at PokerStars. Now with two years of experience, she feels that she is working into an intermediate level of play.

Gwyneth2112 is enjoying the experience at the tables and so far is reaping the rewards with her first place finish for $300 in August and $10 for a tenth place finish in September. "I am very proud to have won the first month of the league," she says. To keep on top of her game Gwyneth reads books on poker strategy, and reviews and discusses her play with peers on the internet. She hopes to eventually be able to supplement her income and be able to play in more live events.



Gillian gillepp Epp
Gillian lives in Vancouver BC. She was a trained Ashtangta and Hatha yoga instructor before she started playing poker professionally two years ago. She got her start in card games early in life when she would save her pennies to play family games of rummoli with family over the holidays. Her mother's love of bridge and cribbage kept Gillian involved in card games until she found Texas hold'em when she was in college. After traveling to Southeast Asia soon after college, a French gentleman saw her potential as a player and set her up with an account on the internet.

Arriving home after her travels, Gillian was unsure of what to do with her life but knew that poker was an option as a way to make a living. She got a job at a local casino as a dealer and learned from the other side of the felt. "Being a dealer was extremely important to my poker career because it gave me the confidence to sit down at a live table," says Gillian. Gillian's 4th place for the month of August in the PokerStars Women's League is furthering that confidence as she heads to her first live tournament at the NAPT at the Bicycle Casino.


Gillian Epp

Bobbie bobbietheo Graham
Bobbie, a former insurance claim adjuster and now stay-at-home mom, took her skills to 5th place in the PokerStars Women's League for the month of August. She dug deep and remained in the top 50 for the month of September with a 37th place finish.

Bobbie got started in poker through her boyfriend and his family playing home games every weekend. Through all the different variations of poker she found that Texas hold'em is her passion and the game has brought her many accomplishments. "I have been playing now approximately four years and I still love it and get just as excited about it as the first day I learned!"

Through the leagues, Bobbie is continuing to learn and hopes to take her online play to more live events.


Bobbie Graham

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