PokerStars Women's Poker League heats up

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The competition is beginning to heat up in the PokerStars Women's Leagues with a total of 1,329 women across the globe competing for that top spot and the grand prize of a Ladies Luxury Event Package. The women of PokerStars are more than ready for the challenge. Corgi from Women's Poker Club, who is just starting to take a more active role in the league, says: "The women in the league are much tighter than when I play against men. ... a few players in the league have earned my respect as good tournament players."

Yearly Standings
Gwyneth2112 from Thornton CO (US) has stepped up her game yet another notch, winning 97 points for the month of October and bringing her to the top of the yearly leader board with 337 points. She has remained in the top ten for the first three months of the league.

Mahgenta, worked her way up the in the ranks over the last three months. Her second-place finish in October, coupled with her 34th place in September and 10th place in August gives her a total of 308 points and $250 in league prize money.

ImFROMTHESKY's consistency through the league has brought her to a comfortable spot in third place just one point below second place Mahgenta. Fourth on the yearly leader board is andrlupascu of Romania. She has played a total of 86 games for a total of 344 points and €182.50 to add to her bank roll.

October USD League:
Through the month of October 820 women stepped up to the challenge to grab their share of the 9,890 points that were awarded in the USD Women's League. Overall there were 4,070 individual games played, each played in hopes of reaching the top spot for the monthly $300 monthly prize and a chance at a Luxury Ladies Event Package at the end of the year.

The leagues are proving to be a diverse group coming together in competition from 41 countries. The U.S., Canada, and Australia had the most participation in the leagues.
Grano777 scraped her way up from 5th place in mid-October to first place at the end of the month over the course of 31 games. She is currently 5th for the year with a grand total of 284 points.

October's second place winner, rcgs59, just started playing in the leagues but managed to make a huge splash at the end of the month, moving up from 55th mid-month.
Last month's leader, Gwyneth2112, started the month off strong and topped the leader board by mid-month but tumbled a bit to 8th place overall for the month of October.
Up from 56th place in September, Roni soulsearchin Taylor (US) played just 26 games in October but made good use of them to bring her to 9th place and a $40 pay out for the month.

Tazzy777 (CA) worked her nine games to the fullest to end the month in a tie for 37th place with DontMesWthTx (US), who played 25 games. Both walked away with a $10 reward.

Fun Crissy catapulted from 54th place mid-month to end the month in 4th place earning $80 to her credit and moving her into the 54th spot for the year.

October's 10th place winner, Lizzyriver, got a slow start, rising slowly to 31st by mid-month. She poured on the competition to rise up to 10th for the end of month standings. This along with her past two month's performances in the league games puts her at 31st for the year.

October European League:
The European League is just as hot as the USD League. 509 ladies stepped up to the challenge to play 2,643 games for 7,419 points and a €1,000 prize pool.

The women from Germany represented well with 88 players in the leagues but fell short in the top 100 with only 12 earning 218 points.

Estonia brought about half the number of women into the leagues with 16 but garnered 784 points to beat out the US total of 774 points awarded to 15 players in the top 100.
Vikbor89 (RU) slammed home the win in the October European League amassing 177 points over 35 games. She won €200 for her effort.

RushRising (US) tore through the European Leagues ending in second place. Her 164 points brought her €150 and a 2nd place ranking for the year. Her skills have brought her to 8th place on the USD League leaderboard as well.

Dasultanz, August's winner, remained in the top ten for October. She accumulated 159 points over 36 games. She continues to top the yearly leader board with 516 points and €280 to date.

Princess335 brought her A-game to her 31 league games. She ground her way up the ladder from 63rd place mid-month where she had earned 35 points to end the month with 145 points, €50 and the 5th place spot for October.

Congratulations to the women who are making a name for themselves on the PokerStars Women leader board and are on their way to that grand prize.


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