Macau Millions closing in on record

ps_news_thn.jpgby Fred Leung
The Macau Millions hosted by PokerStars Macau at Casino Grand Lisboa continues to close in on the record for field size in an Asia-based poker tournament.

Yesterday saw 132 and 169 players participate in Day 1C and 1D respectively (yes, two on the same day!). After four of five Day 1s the Macau Millions total player count now stands at 532. The current record is 679 players meaning the PokerStars Macau event only needs 148 to enter the history books.

Day 1D belonged to local favorite Jimmy 'King' Ng from Hong Kong, who now boasts the overall chip lead at 355,000. He had played Day 1A but, under the unique rules which allow players busting to try again on a later Day 1, he returned last night.

"I was playing online on PokerStars and won $300," Ng said, "so I felt lucky and decided to register (for 1D) and try again!"


Jimmy Ng

Other notables who made it to Sunday's Day 2 final include PokerStars sponsored and Red Dragon winner Victor Chen from Taipei with 166,500 chips; Singapore's Alex Loon of Asian Poker Showdown fame with 176,500; and Malaysia's Raiden Kan with 244,500.

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu came close to making it through to Day 2 but got eliminated in the very late stages of play. He'll hope to make Day 1E count to give himself a better chance of retaining the Asia Player of the Year (APOY) lead.

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Day 1C chips
1. Lei Long Ng, Macau, 321,000
2. Alex Loon, Singapore, 176,500
3. Sergey Lenyuk, Russia, 173,000
4. Victor Chen, Taipei, 166,500
5. Xiuming 'Sammy' Huang, Australia, 139,500
6. Justin Chan, Hong Kong, 110,000
7. Jun Chen, China, 94,500
8. Youcef Zalagh, France, 59,000
9. Ryan Chong, Malaysia, 53,500
10. Naoya Muto, Japan, 27,000

Day 1D chips
1. Jimmy 'King' Ng, Hong Kong, 355,000
2. Raiden Kan, Malaysia, 244,500
3. Xiao Long Pan, China, 187,000
4. Richard Hu, China, 156,000
5. Tom Chou, USA, 149,500
6. Jason Wong, Hong Kong, 104,500
7. Neng 'Michael' Che, Hong Kong, 103,500
8. Kai Sheng Yang, USA, 103,000
9. Il Hyun Yoon, Korea, 100,500
10. Wai Bing Yiu, Hong Kong, 67,000
11. Damien Kerneis, France, 66,000
12. Chi Keong Kuan, Macau, 54,000

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news