Sunday Million: Turning nothing into something

ps_news_thn.jpgHey, we're not all going to get rich on Sunday. Some folks will win, some folks will lose. Monday will come and we'll start looking forward to Sunday again. That's how the online poker world works.

We spend a lot of time here talking about the people who win the life changing money. Every Sunday somebody is winning around a quarter million bucks for one day of work. They deserve the credit.

What gets left on the cutting room floor from time to time are the stories of people who win a nice chunk of change on nothing but a time investment. That's people like the player known as WillCK, a man who normally wouldn't try to match talent with the online tournament pros.

"At my skill level I could never justify paying the full buy-in to go against seven to ten thousand runners," he told us, "but I have always wanted to play in it."

Ah, yes. How many people have you known who have looked longingly at the Sunday Million and thought, "If only I could afford a chance to play."

"It's the brass ring on the Merry-Go=Round for an amateur player...a shot at house-buying money for a relatively small buy in," said WillCK.

Our hero had about $50 in his PokerStars account a couple of weeks back and thought he might try his hand at a 25 Frequent Player Point Round 1 satellite. He ran well and managed to get through to the 4,500 FPP round.

As the bubble approached, he was all-in in the big blind with a raggy, off-suited hand. There was nothing he could do but wait and see what happened.

And what happened? Well he lost the hand, but so did a lot of other people in the tournament. He got his ticket.

"I was in the Million for the first time!" he said.

From there on out, all he really wanted to do was make it into the money. He figured making $300 on his 25 FPP investment would be a good day's work.

As fate would have it, he managed to hold on a lot longer, eventually going bust in a blind vs. blind battle with big slick versus J♣4♣. The result was a $2,024 paycheck for an 86th place finish. In all he made about $200 an hour on an investment of a few FPPs.

No, it's no great life-changing story. And sure, his $2,000 won't help him buy a house. But it's two grand he didn't have before he spent a little time in the Sunday Million.

Just something to think about the next time you think you don't have the cash or skill to play in the Sunday Million.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news