The highlight of spring, by Peter Eastgate

peter-eastgate-thumb.jpgby Peter Eastgate

The first two weeks of May I'm going to play 'Spring Championship of Online Poker' - also known as SCOOP - for the second time at PokerStars.

This series of tournaments is one of the highlights for me during this year when it comes to online poker. I like to get in a lot of action, something that's very possible during SCOOP weeks. The greatest thing about SCOOP is every event has low, medium and highstakes edition, so everyone can join.

Several times last year I established an early chip lead without it developing into anything worth mentioning. I don't remember my exact account from last year, but I know I didn't win, so this year I'm out for revenge.

I expect to play the $10,200 Main Event, the $25,500 Heads-Up tournament, as well as several other attractive hold'em-events. I don't know how many events I will play. I'll simply wake up every day and decide what feels right.

Just for fun I'll probably also play some medium- and low-tournaments, but if I play in some of the biggest tournaments at the same time, I might have my focous on that table

For now I don't have a complete overview of my calendar because even though there might not be any EPT-tournaments before until the end of summer and the World Series of Poker hasn't yet begun, I may have other obligations that decide whether I have to pass on some of the good events.

If you want to rail, look out for PeteEastgate on PokerStars.

Peter Eastgate is a member of Team PokerStars Pro and the 2008 WSOP champion.


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