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TheConcept79 takes down a thrilling heads up match to claim Sunday Warm-Up Gold!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sunday-warmup-promo1.jpgThe luck of the Irish held over a few days for TheConcept79 as he battled back to take down $147,310.32 with no deals in the post-St. Patrick's Day edition of the Sunday Warm-Up. The field of 4,695 players built up a whopping $939,000 prize pool, with the top 675 players picking up cash. After nearly ten hours of wall-to-wall poker, the final nine players settled in to finish off their quest for the big cash.

ft warmup 3.21.png

The first few confrontations of the final table went the way of the underdog, as the shorter stacks doubled through the first few all-ins. But eventually juanan's luck ran out and he became the first casualty of the final table. Action folded around to the deep-stacked Civell in the small blind, and he put out a healthy raise with Q♠-2♠. Juanan moved all in over the top in defense of his big blind, and Civell called. Juanan tabled J♣-8♠, already behind, and fell further in the rearview as the flop came down 6♣-4♥-Q♦. Juanan picked up a pair on the J♥ turn, but needed to catch another jack or an eight on the river to stay alive. Neither materialized, and when the river peeled off the T♣, juanan was done in 9th place ($7,512).

LukeFromB13 got all his money in good in his final hand, but the outcome clearly showed why it's called a favorite preflop, but not a winner until all the cards come down. Trontrontron raised from late position with A♥-Q♣, and Luke quickly shoved all in over the top with A♣-K♠. Tron called and was a serious underdog, but the queen-high flop turned that all around in an instant. The final board read 8♦-Q♥-5♠-5♥-9♦, and Luke was the 8th-place finisher ($11,737.50).

Rounder13 watched his stack dwindle until his only option was the open-shove, and when he woke up with A♣-9♣ in middle position, that looked like a good hand to do it with. He got action from TheConcept79, who woke up on the button with J♣-J♦, and rounder was in trouble. The K♥-T♠-3♠ flop was no help, and the 4♦ on the turn left rounder drawing thin to stay alive. The 8♦ on the river meant the best hand preflop would hold up, and rounder13 headed home in 7th place ($21,127.50).

The rich kept getting richer as the night wore on, and when big stack TheConcept79 moved all in from the button, shorty yomahu felt compelled to call with A♥-7♦. Yomahu was actually ahead preflop, as TheConcept79 showed K♦-Q♣, but all that changed on the K♠-4♣-9♣ flop. The 9♠ on the turn gave TheConcept two pair, and the aceless 6♦ on the river meant that another short stack was gone, as yomahu busted in 6th place for $30,517.50.

TheConcept79's timely aggression and run of good cards continued as he took out his third opponent in a row. This time the victim was once again the shortest remaining stack, vtr82w. Vtr82w raised preflop from the cutoff, and TheConcept79 made a huge re-raise from the small blind, moving all in in a massive bet. TheConcept's trap worked, as vtr82w made the call with Q♦-T♠, only to find himself facing TheConcept's K♠-K♣. The cowboys ran roughshod over vtr82w as they picked up a set on the 7♠-K♦-3♥ flop. Vtr82w needed runner-runner to stay alive, so when the 4♠ landed on the turn, he was drawing dead. The river was a meaningless 7♣, and vtr82w collected $39,907.50 for 5th place.

A few orbits later, and once again it was TheConcept79 claiming yet another casualty. Action folded around to TheConcept, who raised from the small blind. Civell defended his big blind by moving all in over the top with J♥-T♦, and TheConcept quickly called with, once again, pocket kings. His K♣-K♦ was firmly in the lead going into the flop, and the 2♥-6♣-9♣ flop did nothing to change that. The turn was a useless 2♥, and Civell was drawing dead. The 4♠ came on the river, and Civell headed to the rail with a $53,053.50 payday for 4th place.

Three-way action took just a few hands before the steamroller that was TheConcept79 rolled over trontrontron in 3rd place ($77,467.50). Tron opened with an all-in shove from the button holding K♣-8♣, and TheConcept made the call from the big blind with Q♦-J♦. Tron was looking good on the 2♥-7♥-8♦ flop, but the worm turned on the Q♣ turn, as TheConcept made top pair. The 6♣ on the river was no help, and trontrontron was done done done in 3rd place.

headsup 3.21.png

After taking a massive chip lead into heads up play, one might think that TheConcept79 would make short work of his last remaining opponent weriol. One would be wrong. After doubling through TheConcept on the very first hand of heads up play, weriol pulled almost even in chips before slipping back down the ladder. After several more back-and-forth hands, weriol moved ahead for the first time. Once he grabbed onto the chip lead, weriol kept the pressure on, taking a 2.5:1 chip lead into the final break of the night.

That final break gave TheConcept time to gather his thoughts and get his game back on track, and just a few minutes after returning to the table, he had pulled almost even. Then in one massive pot, he took back his chip lead in dominating fashion. After trading raises back and forth preflop, all the chips ended up in the middle with weriol holding the chip lead and K♦-7♦ to TheConcept's J♥-J♠. TheConcept's jacks held on a board of 2♦-9♣-4♥-7♥-3♠ in a 42-million chip pot that left weriol on life support. But the wily weriol wasn't finished yet, as he doubled back through TheConcept just a couple of hands later.

TheConcept kept the pressure on, and finally it all came down to one big hand. Weriol had been chipped down by the constant raises from TheConcept, and managed one last double up before all the chips went into the middle for the last time. With a nearly 5:1 chip lead, TheConcept open-shoved from the button with J♠-T♠. Weriol called with A♠-4♠, and was ahead preflop. The flop came down K♥-T♥-9♥, and weriol needed an Ace on the turn. The deck didn't oblige, bringing the T♣ instead. Once again, TheConcept had his opponent drawing dead on the turn, and this time it was for all the potatoes. The river was the K♣, and weriol was the runner up with a $109,393.50 payday.

TheConcept tore apart the final table in one of the most dominating Sunday Warm-Ups in recent memory, but he had his hands full with weriol in the heads up match. When all was said and done, he earned every bit of the $147,310.32 he took down at the Sunday Warm-Up champion! Congratulation to TheConcept79, weriol for a fantastic runner up performance, and to all our PokerStars players who cashed in the Sunday Warm-Up this week!

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