Twitter Poker League: Fireworks for Ericajax's win


by Jo Haslam

How to set the scene for week 5 of theTwitter Poker League? I know I'll check the date. Ah yes, July 4th. It'sa special day for many; a day that deserves parades and celebrations...  I love WSOP Eve.

OK, the day before the WSOP isn't officiallyrecognised as a holiday, although I think most poker players would agree that itdeserves to be. It seems US players celebrate July 4th for someother reason. They might have looked up from some hand to see fireworks outsidethe window, then returned to studying their game to make sure they're in Vegas fornext WSOP Eve.

If week 5 of the Twitter Poker League werea firework display it would be a rocket reaching full height but not yet readyto explode (bear with me with the fireworks thing...) The anticipation before thebangs and sparks is vital to the success of any pyrotechnic display, but  if you want 'Ooohs and ahhhs' thenTwitter Poker League week 8 is the big bang finale - that's when the league awards100 sparkling Step ticket prizes.

Each Twitter Poker League tournament has aregular prize pool based on the player buy-ins  plus league points based on finishing positions. Ericajax tookthe win on the night, but  theother 1383 players will  gain aminimum of 1 league point for participating in the game;  they can check their names on theleaderboard to see how close they are to the sparkly fireworks prizes.

Finaltable fireworks

The final table was set with the followingchips:

Seat 1: runnejus (203012 in chips)

Seat 2: skarabot4982 (83990 in chips)

Seat 3: arvinho (409146 in chips)

Seat 4: ayeray87 (106384 in chips)

Seat 5: ericajax (490648 in chips)

Seat 6: iliya_kim (85846 in chips)

Seat 7: vvvbbbaaa (197252 in chips)

Seat 8: itzelazca (379325 in chips)

Seat 9: Jószág69 (120397 in chips)


Ericajax was the final table chip leader andhe won the first hand at the table, as well as the last. I like that symmetry.

Our first faller was iliya_kim who took 9thplace along with the consolation prize of knowing  the final hand was just plain bad luck. He re-raised all-inwith A♣ A♥  runnejus calledwith 9♥[//] and the cruel river 9♦ ended his game.

All-insin the air

There must have been all-in's in the airbecause the very next hand saw short-stacked skarabot4982 with all his chips inthe middle. His chunky raise was called by Jószág69 and when the player withthe squiggly characters in his name bet the T♦5♠ 6♣ flop skarabot4982called for all his remaining chips with 9♦A♦.  Jószág69 was ahead with A♠[ Qs] and took the pot withouthitting a pair.

With seven players in the game ericajax hadthe lead and stretched it further, winning the next few hands on the flopwithout bothering to show cards.

Ayeray87 was down to his last 40,000 chips andpushed from the small blind, ericajax was sitting with half million and decidedto take a chance with a 6♣T♠ call. Ayeray87 turned over 7♣Q♥ and likedthe Q♣ which gave him the much needed double-up.

It wasn't long before ayeray87 was all-inagain, this time with A♠T♣. He didn't have enough ammunition to see offJószág69 who called with his K♥ Q♠. Neither player hit, ayeray87 was thecomeback kid, up to 143,000.

Ayeray87 was getting himself a reputationfor success with all-in double-ups, and he was at it again. His 5♣ 5♠ wasenough to beat ericajax's  A♠T♠and the win relegated ericajax from his chip lead for the first time since thenine had come together at the table.

Jószág69gÃins lead

Vvvbbbaaa had been biding his time playinga quiet waiting game with medium chips, but when he re-raised ericajax his 7♠7♣ found trouble.  Jószág69 ws lurkingon the big blind with Q♣Q♥. Jószág69 hit another queen to kill all hope for vvvbbbaaa . He was outin 7th and the hand made Jószág69 the new chip leader.

Ayeray87 had been all-in three times andlived to tell the tale but when his 2♠2♦ ran into ericajax's  K♥ K♣ the escape artist's tournamentended.

Ericajax was soon back in the lead, never havingbeen far from it. Jószág69 tried bluffing his way through every street of the6♥ 6♠ 5♠ 3♥A♥ board with K♦ J♦, but ericajax called him down, hewas not for folding Q♥ Q♣.

One BIGhand

This was the everyday story of TwitterPoker League folks. There were lots of small pots, more small pots, a fewthousand chips here and there, and then... one BIG hand with nearly a millionon the table.

Ericajax raised, Jószág69 re-raised,Ericajax went all-in, Jószág69 called... It had to be aces versus kings? No.Although the hand did involve two aces, Ericajax and Jószág69 re had one aceeach - with kickers a tad lower than a king.  A♦ Q♦ for Jószág69 and  A♥ J♣ for ericajax. Just as the whole table was gasping with shock to see so many chips upfor grabs, the board gave us more to gawp at with a display of  2♠ 5♥ 2♦ 6♠ 5♦ - a split pot.As we were. We can pretend that never happened. Was it all just a dream?

Ericajax raised again next hand, and youmight forgive arvinho for simply calling all the way, we've had quite enough ofbig pot dramatics.  Nice sedatechecks on the 3♦ 8♠ K♣ 4♠ 9♦ board, and arvinho won with K♠ T♥, ericajaxmucked 7♠ 7♦.

Itzelazca  was the shortstacked player by now and made a move with J♦T♣ to be called by Jószág69 with K♠ Q♣.  Jószág69 hit his king and it was all over for Itzelazca.

Themighty fallen

Jószág69 had the chip lead for a while,but he lost it when runnejas called down his bluff bets with bottom pair.  Soon another big hand developed betweenthe same two, and by the time Jószág69 had folded to a re-raise he was theshortest stack at the table. Only he knows the cards that got him in thatpickle.

Jószág69 lost yet again to runnejus,betting the  6♥ 4♣ J♦ J♠ 2♥board all the way with T♠ 3♦ only to be called by runnejus with  A♣ 3♣. Brave call or good read?That's not for me to say, but good poker drama for the observer.

 Jószág69 had lost a few big pots in spectacular style, andproved willing to get his chips in play. Ericajax raised and Jószág69  moved all-in. Ericajax showed A♣ A♠ and Jószág69 heldJ♥Q♦. The aces held up and Jószág69 was out. I half-expected him to bash hiskeyboard typing a '$1Gz Jóbllx!*9' message in the chat box, but although Jószág69had played fiery poker  he got itquietly when he collected his 5th place winnings.

Runnejusruns away with the lead

Runnejus was now the runaway chip leaderwith arvinho the player earning the description, 'player most in need of chipsto stay in the game.' Arvinho raised all-in and ericajax  called with Q♦ K♥ . Arvinho hit thejackpot double-up with three threes, a board of  6♣ 9♠ 3♠ 8♠ 3♣ and  3♥ A♣ in his hand.

He was not so fortunate with his next ace.His A♦ K♥ was up against ericajax with Q♦ Q♥ the chips went in pre-flopand  the queens took it. Arvinhofought a good fight but  finished 3rd.

Heads up chips were fairly evenly matched.

runnejus (973341 in chips)

ericajax (1102659 in chips)

Justfor fun

Ericajax played the more aggressiveheads-up game, as PokerStars tpoker account tweeted, 'Ericajaxraises every pot heads up at the final table in #tpoker, which seems to pay offagainst runnejus.'

It paid off to the tune of a 65,000 chip lead after less than tenminutes - runnejus losing ground fast. He made a stand with A♦ K♣ whenericajax set him all-in holding 9♣ J♠ and the double-up bought him time,but not for long...  Still ericajaxkept pounding him down, re-raising his every raise, bullying him with hisattempts to win every hand.

The killer blow was dealt when ericajax raised all-in with a Q♦ T♥.Runnejus called with A♥6♠ the board dealt a cruel T♠ and ericajax claimedthe win with a chat box, "weeee" and this happy tweet of, "Lol, just won the Twitter Poker League on PokerStars #tpoker just played it for fun, but I won!"

Ericajax wins$232.78 for his $1.10 buy-in and also claims 20 league points, because it washis first league game he'll find 14 players ahead of him on the leaderboard.

There were few significantchanges in league positions from last week, with none of the league leaders earning points toincrease their lead.

Twitter Poker League LeaderboardStandings- Week 5 (07-04-10)


braboy84 -- 42

3detch -- 35

thop5574 -- 28

Sashhh27-- 27

McNamara2011-- 25

Danilo1012-- 24

dodgethis12 -- 22

Debiloki -- 22

Foreseeable -- 21

Pimir --  21

TRex160466-- 21


It won't be July 4th next Sunday, but it will be day 6 of the WSOP,and it will be week 6 of the Twitter Poker League. (I like that symmetry.) We'llbe reporting on all league fireworks, if you want to play the Twitter Poker Leagueyou can find league tables, news, tweets,highexplosives and more on the #tpoker website. 

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in News