Twitter Poker League: JaJanka says 'thank'ya' for the win.


by Jo Haslam

It was a double dose of Twitter tourney funthis Sunday night. @PokerStars threw a freeroll party for all their followers with a $6,500 prize pool to ensurethe tweeter's high spirits. Pkorn123 won the event, pocketing $977.42; which isnot bad if you consider his only outlay was a glance at Twitter for thepassword. I expect he'd be in party spirits for some time when he worked outhis ROI.

The Twitter Poker League party isn't asingle night of high jinks, it takes a little longer to get going, theinvitations go out every Sunday for eight weeks and at the end of the eightweek season an exclusive 100 people celebrate with prizes worth $2,100.

JaJanka is heading towards a prize-worthy seasonend. His win on Sunday gives him a 20 point score on the leader board. Here's howhe came about that win. 

Oberlix66and the small pair

The final table gathered when Oberlix66pushed with A♠6♠ and was taken on by Sancho777AA with 3♦3♥. Obelixmight be a big man in the Asterix stories, but a small pair was enough to take himout on the bubble.

Final table chips stacked up like this:

Seat 1: Sancho777AA (352656 in chips)

Seat 2: JaJanka (243894 in chips)

Seat 3: Cosmo57 (117616 in chips)

Seat 4: bixxna22 (310784 in chips)

Seat 5: Schizophror (189533 in chips)

Seat 6: A.A.KAY (35197 in chips)

Seat 7: 1973-06 (962176 in chips)

Seat 8: Mr Mattee (270066 in chips)

Seat 9: daddyquinn (122078 in chips)



Daddyquinn made a fast exit from the finaltable. He called 1973-06's pre-flop raise with A♣J♥ , the flop cameT♠8♠7♠ and Daddyquinn moved all-in. It was an easy call for 1973-06, hewas sitting pretty with A♠Q♠ for the nut flush.

1973-06 was already chip leader and thehand gave him ammunition to go for the win... Only then he chased a flush withA♦J♦ versus Sancho777AA's set of sevens. Back to average chips again.

Asocial networking triple-bill

While many social networking fans were enjoyingtwo Twitter tourneys, some were playing three. PokerStars Facebook Poker Leagueis an opportunity for Facebook fans to play together, with many winning theirseats free in the Facebook play money league. 

A.A.KAY would have plenty to brag about tofriends on both Twitter and Facebook,he made the final table of both the Twitter and Facebook tourneys. He was 4thin the Facebook League and busted 8th in the Twitter tourney. He moved in withA♥8♦ and was called by 1973-06 with Sevens and by JaJanka with Tens. Thehand was checked down until 1973-06 fired a small bet at the river with theboard showing Q♦ 3♦ 2♦4♠ 8♥. JaJanka called to win with the Tens.

1973-06 had lost his chip lead, and wouldlose more ground when he played 7♥T♠ aggressively on a ten high board. Hefound Mr Mattee lurking with A♠A♦ and as the tourney tweeter at@tpokerstars pointed out, he'd been 'getting beat up' since he joined this final table.

Agood hand that's hard to win with

Mr Mattee found another good hand soonafter, but J♥J♣ is one of those 'good hands' that's surprisingly hard towin with. Cosmo57 called all-in with Q♦8♦ and hit two pair to put a dent inMr Mattee's newly gathered chips. Cosmo57 would double-up yet again when hisThrees beat bixxna22's Queens. Those two outdraw double-ups took him out ofdanger for a while.

Sancho777AA was chip leader at this stageof the tourney. He'd won a chunk of his chips when he bet his A♣4♥ on theturn with the board showing 8♠ 2♦[Tc ]4♠. Bixxna22 called and Sancho777AAmust have liked the 4♦ river, he made a sizeable bet once again. Bixxna22thought, called, mucked.

MrMattee was the short stack and tried todouble-up with his 6♥6♦. 1973-06 took him on with Q♦T♠ and the T♦ onthe turn would end Mr Mattee's tourney. He collected $46.87 for 7th place.

Sancho777AA collected yet anothersignificant pot without showing cards. He re-raised all-in (a million chipraise) on a 3♠T♦2♠ flop forcing both JaJanka and 1973-06 to fold. It wasonward and upwards for Sancho777AA. But if you've read this post title you'llknow something's going to bring him down from those chip leader heights...

Fullover full

It would be Cosmo57's turn to crash andburn next. Cosmo57 played T♥5♥ on the big blind and the flop suited himperfectly, showing 2♦T♠T♦. He bet his trip tens, JaJanka called withK♠Q♠. The turn was Q♦. A bet from Cosmo57, a call from JaJanka. The riverQ♥ was going to make things interesting... Cosmo57 bet his full-house,JaJanka re-raised all-in with his bigger full house. Cosmo57 called to seeJaJanka's winning hand.

@TPokerStars tweeted the news thatSanch777AA had more chips than the rest of the players put together. This isgood background information to the story of 1973-06's exit with Tens.  Sancho777AA re-raised 1973-06 withQ♥J♥ and 1973-06 called with a race for his tournament life. He lost that racewhen Sancho777AA hit two Jacks.  1973-06out in 5th place for $82.46.

Winningthe hard way

JaJanka may be the eventual winner of thetourney (the blog post headline spoils the drama) but he would do it the hardway. He lost with J♠J♥ to Cosmo57's A♥A♣ and had so few chips he lookedhighly likely to be our 4th place finisher.

Sancho777AA had such a massive chipadvantage he looked likely to win. Buthis lead was pegged back when bixxna22 doubled up through him with Kings. Then bixxnaawon another portion of his chips, bixxna22 playing 8♦7♦ on a 9♦6♣[ 5h]K♦4♣ board for a straight. Sancho777AA mucked, but this was a 1.4 million pot,so he had to have been playing a goodmuckable hand!

 'How the mighty have fallen' tweeted @tpokerstars sadly,pointing out that Bixxnaa was now playing 1.8 million, with Sancho777AA down tojust 230k.

Themighty fallen

Sancho777AA didn't hang around to lick hiswounds, he moved all-in with 7♦7♠. JaJanka found 9♠9♥ and the board litup with four Aces to give Sancho777AA  A♣ A♠ A♥ A♦ 7♦7♠. Which still wasn't good enoughto win.  Sancho777AA was out 4thfor $114.14.

There was some more seven-shaped pain forCosmo57. Bixxna22 set the short-stacked player all-in, raising 9♠7♣ andCosmo57 called with 7♥7♦. A nine on the flop, and (to rub it in) anothernine on the river, ended Cosmo57's tourney. His 3rd place finish winning him $156.24.

JaJanka  had never held the chip lead at the final table, andheads-up he trailed with 649,856 chips to bixxna22's 1,954,144.


After a cagey start the blinds started tobite, and then we would have crazy all-in poker!

Bixxnaa22 raised K♠J♦ and JaJankapushed with K♣3♣  two threes onthe flop gave that hand to JaJanka.

A few hands later and chips werenear-enough level, JaJanka just scraping the lead.

JaJanka was dealt A♣A♦ and calledbixxna22's raise. Both players checked the 9♥5♦K♣ flop. Bixxna22'sQ♦J♣ hadn't connected with the 4♦ turn but he called JaJanka's  small bet.  The turn was the perfect card for Bixxna22, the T♥ gave himthe straight. JaJanka picked the wrong time to move in with aces.

The hand left JaJanka crippled. As Twitterobserver @TheWookieWay put it, 'a heart rending hand, JaJanka AA's cracked bybixxna22 JQo bringing JaJanka down to a chip and a chair almost!'

But JaJanka proved you can do a lot of damagewith a chip and a chair. I'd imagine a chair would hurt, but this game proveschips can cause more pain.

 Three double-ups in a row got JaJanka back to even. The handsweren't glamorous, it was Q♠6♠ versus 6♥4♦ then K♠9♣ beatingJ♥8♠, then a stroke of luck for JaJanka with 8♣7♣ hitting a couple ofhandy sevens to best bixxna22's 9♣9♦.

Both players seemed ready to let the cardsdecide this, and after half a dozen frantic all-ins it was finally decided.

In the final hand bixxna22 moved all-in with4♣4♥ and JaJanka called with A♠T♦. The board gave a decisive victory, A♥A♦ J♠ A♣ 3♣ and quads for JaJanka. It was a stylish way to end thetourney.

Congratulations to JaJanka for his TwitterLeague victory, it was worth $278.96 and 20 leader board points. This wasJaJanka's first league tournament, but I hope he will be back to climb higherup the leader board.

Not much change at the top of the league, thetable is available for your perusal here:

Twitter Poker League - Week 2 standings (10-10-10)


wimHC : 22

Renaan: 21

carzzzzz4u: 20

JaJanka: 20

Sith07: 20

bixxna22: 18

pokerdjiq_90: 18

TRex160466: 18

Kalich73@: 17

Cosmo57: 16


bruins328: 15

fdsa23: 15

mjc1948: 15

Sancho777AA: 15                 


WimHC still leads, but with 5 more leaguetourneys it's all quite open and very winnable. If winnability is something youwant in a tourney then I'd recommend you sign up to the next Twitter PokerLeague game. You can Lobby  > Ctrl+Tyour way to the next tourney at 308713789.

Don't forget to follow @PokerStars onTwitter for fun, frolics* and the occasional freeroll.

Hope you have a good poker week. See younext time!


*If you like fun and frolics in the form ofpoker news at 140 characters or less.

Brad Willis
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