Twitter Poker League: Madest_82's crazy win

by Jo Haslam

I had it in my head that this was going tobe a slow and steady final table. I was watching the players with mostchips closely, who seemed to be a cautious bunch, so as those same players made theirway to the final table I poured my energy drink and prepared for a late nightof #tpoker tweeting.

I'd barely taken a sip of vitamin andcaffeine concoction before my slow and steady final table entered some pokertourney dark side, it morphed into a bloodbath of crazed axe-murdereliminations. Obviously there wasn't a real bloody axe, but if there had been itwould have been wielded by maden_82, and it would have been dripping with chipsfrom all the players he'd slain.

This isn't a horror film, but we'll do you aflashback scene anyway.

Bubble flashback

With 10 players in the tournament Madest_86was finding hands at the right time to increase his lead, while the lessfortunate players would have to try to win with no hands at all. Jtamh pushedwith A♠8♠, bluff re-raising Stingray606 on a K♦K♥5♥ flop. Stingray606called to play his flush-draw A♥Q♥, and he hit the flush on the river.Jtamh wouldn't survive to make the final table, but here are the chips of thosewho did:

Seat 1: Scruller (191920 in chips)

Seat 2: customm123 (252644 in chips)

Seat 3: Roucous (164914 in chips)

Seat 4: madest_82 (401630 in chips)

Seat 5: lufam (195287 in chips)

Seat 6: siacara (159186 in chips)

Seat 7: firebreather (319966 in chips)

Seat 8: Stingray606 (428307 in chips)

Seat 9: poirot86 (208146 in chips)



Stingray606 had the chip lead, but a toughhand would endanger it.

Pre-flop action between Stingray606 andpoirot86 led to a K♠9♥K♦ flop. Stingray606 bet out and poirot86 movedall-in. Stingray606 held Q♠Q♦ and faced a tricky decision, was he ahead now?  He chose to call. Poirot86 showedA♣K♥ and Stingray606 was stung for plenty of his chips.

Poirot86 held the lead now, but madest_82would have something to say about that.

Madest and Scruller

 Madest_82 raised then short-stacked Scruller pushed.Madest_82 had plenty of chips to call with his K♦J♥ and Scruller showedA♣Q♠. A king was the first card out, and Scruller was the first eliminationat our final table.

Madest_82 found more king-shaped joy, butwouldn't win in a straightforward way. Stingray606 held T♣T♦ andmadest_82  K♠K♣. Madest_82 gotit all-in on the flop of T♠9♥4♠ but the surprise appearance of J♦Q♦ onthe turn and river gave madest_82 a straight and kept  him in the tourney.

Then Madest_82 increased his lead atsiacara's expense, playing a low ace with caution with the board showing5♥5♣A♠9♠Q♣.  Madest_82was winning with A♦4♣ but didn't set siacara all-in. Siacara muckedwhatever hand he'd been lively with, he had only a few chips left to play.

This apparent unwillingness of players to dragtheir chip raiser to the right made me think this would be a slow, cautiousfinal table. How wrong I was.

Energetic all-ins

Poirot86 raised with 3♥3♦. Lufam movedall-in with Q♠T♠ and poirot86 called. There were no cards to help lufam andhe was out in 8th place.

Siacara pushed with T♦T♥. Poirot86 , nodoubt still buzzing from the recent win, called with A♥[5]. He hit the ace. Siacarawas out in 7th place.

Stingray606 moved in on the button withA♠4♦. Customm123 called from the big blind with A♦T♠.  Stingray606 was out in 6thplace.

There was a raise from madest_82 and  a call by customm123, Roucous moved all-inwith T♣T♥. Madest_82  would  take him on with Q♠Q♣ and would  take his chips. Roucous was out in 5thplace.

I then had elimination tweets stockpiled.

Another all-in! Madest_82, poirot86 and customm123 saw a K♦T♣J♠ flop. Customn123 pushed with K♣7♣but Madest_82 held Q♥9♠ for a flopped straight. Customm123 was out in 4thplace.

We were down to 3 players with 4eliminations in 6 minutes.


 After the carnage chip counts:

madest_82:  1,756,171

poirot86: 415,988

firebreather: 149,841


As I caught up with tweet updates, Madest_82increased his lead, moving onwards and upwards to 2.2 million, as the stacks offirebreather  and poirot86 dwindled.Firebreather played 45,988 and poirot86 41,398. Blinds were 12,500/25,000. Thiscouldn't take long.

On the button Poirot86 moved in. Madest_82was in the small-blind with all his millions. What to do? He thought long andhard, and then folded.

It seemed almost cruel that madest_82 wouldtake no part in the hand that would as good as win him the tournament. Withmost of his chips invested in the blind firebreather was forced to call all-in.Madest_82 would be able to sit back and watch his rivals fight to the death, knowingwhoever survived the hand would still be in no shape to beat him.

Firebreather called all-in, as expected, withK♥7♥ and poirot86's showed  K♣Q♠. Poirot86 hit two pair, firebreather out 3rd,and we were heads-up.

Madest_82 played 2,212,739 to poirot86's 109,261.


Poirot86 managed one double-up withA♥J♥ but it  wouldn't help himdefeat madest_82's millions. Poirot86's next try was with A♣8♦ and madest_82  took him on with a lowly 5♦2♦.Madest_82 flopped a 2♠. It was enough to win him the tournament.

Congratulations to madest_82 on his killer-stack-of-chipsvictory. Madest_82 eliminated half the players at the final table; it was nofinal table for the faint of heart. His victory earned him $249 for his $1.10buy-in.  Madest_82's 20 TwitterPoker League points won't be enough to win him a place on the leaderboard top10. With three tourneys left this season we'll see if he builds on the score.

Manyarrasco still tops the Twitter PokerLeague with 31 points, but there are plenty trying to catch her. We'll report whetherthey get there with tweets and blog posts.

Next week's Twitter tourney can be foundfrom the lobby with Ctrl+T and the number 291902009. Our Twitter Poker Leaguewebsite can be found with your favourite web browser and a click here


Twitter Poker League Leaderboard - Week 4 (08-29-10)

monyarrasco - 31

alytus73 - 28

taketime - 27

Roucous - 25

firebreather - 24

Smola37 - 24

customm123 - 22

TUZEX - 22

bryansk14 - 21

fiv31 - 21

SilAnt - 21

madest_82 - 20

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in News