Twitter Poker League: ricky1973821 is number 1


by Jo Haslam

This felt like a surprising win by ricky1973821,then I thought about it some more and I realised it wasn't surprising at all.He'd come to the final table with medium chips, he made no fancy moves, played noshowy big hands, I saw no suck out outdraws. This was just good old fashioned cleancut poker, the way poker is supposed to be played. If only it would always bethis way. Or would we miss the drama of a bad guy winning with a one-outer?

Ricky1973821 took command of the finaltable with all the right moves, a decent pot at the right time, his best handsholding up, and the classic coin flip victory. Heads-up he pressured to takethe lead, and in the final hand he help top-pair good kicker. Ricky1973821kept itsimple, and well done to him; sometimes that's all it takes to win a poker tournament.

Superspeedy bubble

When the Twitter tourney reached the lasttwo tables it didn't mess about in getting down to one, there were some franticall-in moves, and the bubble burst with the quickest of 'pops'.

Chillitej was out in 10th place,his move with A♣6♣ called by chip leader vinniebakkie with K♣K♥.  The kings would win to set up our finaltable and chips were as follows:

Finaltable chips:

Seat 1: AYYNIT (228272 in chips)

Seat 2: A.E.PGR195 (152055 in chips)

Seat 3: vinniebakkie (471398 in chips)

Seat 4: diewildetina (134027 in chips)

Seat 5: Hatchet826 (392961 in chips)

Seat 6: Bestmann22 (213094 in chips)

Seat 7: ricky1973821 (312576 in chips)

Seat 8: Arruda39 (261429 in chips)

Seat 9: lincolnbs (138188 in chips)



Arruda39no longer in a rude health

Diewildetina raised and Arruda39 called,the flop came K♥5♠2♦ and diewildetina bet out.  A long think by Arruda39... He was right to think his rivalhadn't hit that king, but he was wrong to think he was ahead. Arruda39 calledall-in with T♦T♣ and diewildetina showed Q♠Q♥. Arruda39 was the firstto leave the final table.

We might have expected AYYNIT to bust out next.He told the table of his sports versus poker dilemma, "i NEED TO FINISH THISGAME BEFORE THE COWBOYS GAME STARTS!!!!!!!!!!!"

He had plenty of chips to stay longer, but lincolnbs looked highly likelyto see all the pre-match build up. He had to make a move soon, he chose to doit with A♣6♣. Bestmann22 took him on with Q♠J♠ and when he hit thequeen we were down to seven.

Ricky1973821's 888

Ricky1973821had the good fortune to hit the8♠ on a king high flop to turn 8♣8♦ into a winning hand. Bestmann22 heldK♠T♠  and liked the K♣ on theflop. He called ricky1973821's all-in re-raise on the turn but couldn't beatthat set. Ricky1973821's double-up gave him second place chips.


As the shortest stack at the table diewildetinahad no time to wait for pretty cards, he moved in with 7♣5♠. Hatchet826called with A♥J♠ and the ace high won. Diewildetina out in 7thplace.

Next up, a dramatic three-way pot. AYYNITraised with 2♦2♣ and was called by both vinniebakkie and Hatchet826. Theflop came 9♦2♥6♣. You might think that was the kind of thing AYYNITwanted to see? No.  Hatchet826 betout, AYYNIT raised and vinniebakkie re-raised. Hatchet826 held 9♣9♥ andmoved all-in. AYYNIT would find it impossible to escape this set over setnightmare,  he called all-in andwas out of the tournament. At least he was free to watch the cowboys. (Theylost.)

Vinniebaker called too, unaware hisQ♦Q♥ was the third best hand. Hatchet826 took the pot as Hatchet826remarked in chat that it was a, "Big pot." Ricky1973821 clarified that, "Bigbig." The pot was actually 1,170,480 chips big, I'd call that, "Big, big, big."

A.E.PGR195 was the next short stack to makea move, his all-in with A♣5♦ was called by vinniebakkie's  K♠Q♣. The Q♠ on the turn spelledthe end of A.E.PGR195's tournament.  A.E.PGR195 out in 5thplace for $72.96.

Maythe bestmann22 win

Bestmann22 had won nearly half a millionchips from ricky1973821who folded to him on an ace high flop after some mightypre-flop raising. He would soon win another chunk of chips, this time from chipleader Hatchet826. Hatchet826 bet every chance he could with the board showing T♦A♣ 9♣ A♦ J♠ but he would muck on the river, while Bestmann22 showed T♠T♥ for a full house.

Bestmann22 was busily involved in manyhands and called Vinniebaker's raise with Q♥J♥. He hit the J♣K♣J♦flop hard. Vinniebaker moved all-in with his A♣A♦ and needed a little luckto stay in the tournament , clubs on the turn and river sprang a surprise flushto save his day.

Bestmann22 was still in good shape after losingthat hand, but when his 8♦7♦ hit a flush draw on the 3♦2♦3♠ flop hecommitted a lot of chips to the diamond chasing cause. Ricky197381 only held6♥6♦, but the low pair would win the hand. Ricky197381 was now in thirdplace out of the four, but closing the gap and in no great need to double-up.

Vinniebaker was the short stack and coulduse a double-up, he moved in with A♥J♦ to be called by Bestmann22 withA♣Q♦.  The Q♣ on the flop finishedhim off and he took $100.99 for his 4th place finish.

Three way chips were as follows.

Bestmann: 22 935,624

Hatchet826: 854,685

ricky1973821: 513,691


Bestmann22 edged into the lead, helpedby his 9♦9♠ hitting a full house. Hatchet826 mucked withQ♥7♦Q♣Q♦3♠ showing.


Bestmann22 e wouldn't keep the lead forlong. When ricky1973821 moved all-in for 312,942 chips he took him on withA♠5♠. Ricky1973821 showed A♦K♠ and in overkill style hit a straight todouble-up.


Afterthe break all-ins


At the break PokerStars #tpoker twitterreported the chips as, "Bestmann22  828k, Hatchett826  824k, ricky1973821 650k."  I'm not sure ifBestmann22 was trying for retribution, overestimated his strength as chipleader,or even mis-clicked, but he made a big call in the first hand back after thebreak.  Ricky1973821's moved all-in with those 650,000 chips andBestmann22 called with K♠8♠.  Ricky1973821showed A♠K♦ , another hand to dominate Bestmann22. The best hand held upand Bestmann22 was in trouble. He managed a double-up with Q♠2♠ beatingHatchet826's A♣3♣ but he was still trailing behind the other two.


Ricky1973821 won six hands in a row without bothering toshow cards, and this aggressive burst of play saw him reach the heights of 1.6million chips. Batemann22 was down to 167,842 and with 7♦7♥  tried for the double-up. Hatchet826 tookhim on with K♠J♥. The K♥ ended Bestmann22's tournament. He won $138.24for the 3rd place.


Heads-up was set with these chips:


ricky1973821 1,333,018

Hatchet826 970,982





Ricky1973821 slowly edged ahead over the first dozen orso hands, but the short heads-up battle ended when both players held a king andsaw a 7♥9♣K♣ flop.  It wasK♦J♥for ricky1973821 and K♠6♣ for Hatchet826. Hatchet826 check-raisedon the flop, the T♦ turn brought another bet from Hatchet826 and call byricky1973821. Hatchet826 put his last chips in the middle on the 3♥ river andricky1973821 called with top pair. That second place kicker meant Hatchet826would finish in second place.


Congratulations to ricky1973821, his win is worth$246.87. We'll be looking out for this loads-of-numbers name infuture league tourneys, this was a smart poker victory by the player fromPortugal.

Next week it's the exciting season finaleof the Twitter Poker League. It's not like TV, we won't  do the  cliff-hanger ending, but next week we will tot up the leaguepoints (or let the office spreadsheet do that) and announce 100 Step Ticket prizewinners, and crown a new Twitter Poker League hero.

Here are the players in prime position to winthe #tpoker league.

Twitter Poker League Leaderboard - Week 7(09-12-10)


taketime - 39

Hatchet826 - 36

alytus73 - 34

monyarrasco - 33

Smola37 - 30

TUZEX - 28

checkflagman - 27

fiv31 - 27

Roucous - 27

firebreather - 26


To find out more about the Twitter PokerLeague visit our web page, and if you have questions you can always ask @PokerStars - they'lltweet you right back with the answers.


Next week we'll find out if taketime cantake it down, whether Hatchet826 can chop him down to size, or maybe alytuswill surprise all of us? Have a good poker week, hope to see you then.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in News