Until the river do us part...

ps_news_thn.jpgWhen Nick and Emily met, they found they had a lot in common. They loved dogs, they could meditate together, and traveling was something they both enjoyed a great deal. A month later, Nick picked up and moved to Emily's college town. It was, indeed, true love. It wouldn't be too long before another shared interest would end up paying for their wedding.

Nick had been a poker player since he was 19. His bankroll at that age was $20, but he worked hard and eventually reached the point he could make some decent money. Emily suggested Nick put a little more effort into it.

"Up until that point I was happy just making enough money that I didn't have to work a real job," NIck told us. "It was her motivation and support that pushed me to the next level and helped me get to where I am today."

Where he is today is among PokerStars' high volume Supernovas. He's been playing professionally online for five years. Known as TheLife on PokerStars, Nick plays up to 24 tables of $1/$2 and $/2/$4 no-limit holdem at a time. He also digs playing tournaments. He's played both the PCA and WSOP Main Event twice. He cashed three out of the four tournaments and used some of his winnings to fund the down payment on his first house in Pittsburgh.

But this really isn't a poker tale as much as it is a love story. Oh, sure, Nick is happy to talk about his four-monitor multi-tabling set-up, his time as a poker writer, and his involvement in Magic: The Gathering, but his biggest interest is focused on one thing: Emily.

It wasn't too terribly long before some invitations went out to family and friends. The invites read, unsurprisingly, "We played our cards right and we are the perfect pair."


Married bliss took the pair to their reception at the Pittsburgh Aquarium for a gala reception. There was little question that Nick and Emily made a beautiful couple.

Now, this would only have appeared on the wedding pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, if not for one little thing.

"We used the concierge service on PokerStars to pay for our wedding with Frequent Player Points," Nick said.

This wasn't some little run-of-the-mill courthouse wedding. Nick and Emily shelled out some dough for this, a task made a lot easier by the PokerStars VIP Club concierge service.


"Essentially anywhere we could inject poker or PokerStars into the event, we did. The entire wedding was poker themed and many of the decorations featured the PokerStars name and logo," Nick said.

From PokerStars wine glasses to playing card cufflinks, the reception was one big poker party. Emily even gave as a wedding gift to Nick a bunch of stuff sent to them by famed poker writer Tommy Angelo.

"I was really surprised and blown away by this because she went out of her way to get in contact with him and put all of it together," Nick said.


And now, in the blissful first-year honeymoon, Nick and Emily have found something else that binds them: Emily is taking up poker.

"She is making progress quickly," Nick said.

Now they both go back to saving FPPs. Why?

Well, we hear the VIP Club concierge service can pay for a pretty nice fifth anniversary vacation.

Congrats to Nick and Emily. Aces to you both.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news