USA and Canada go heads-up in Americas Cup of Poker

ps_news_thn.jpgMaybe it was coincidence, luck, or skill. Call it what you want, but after two grueling rounds of the PokerStars Americas Cup of Poker, the Latin American teams were all beaten to the final by their northern neighbors, the USA and Canada.

After Brazil's elimination in the first round, six teams returned for the second stage of the prestigious event: the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. There were five tables filled with one player from each team, and results from all tables fed in to a points system to decide who should go on to play the final later today (Monday).

And after more than four hours of poker, played out in the Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru, the USA and Canada managed to secure those two final places.


Dennis Phillips

The American team was the big winner of the second round, scoring a total of 35 points. The team captain, Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips, won his TV table, beating Canadian captain Greg DeBora heads-up and scoring 10 points for his team.


Greg DeBora

Despite that loss to Phillips, the Canadians, who had been the highest scorers of the first round, also managed to make it through to the final. DeBora will now organize his team for five title-deciding heads-up matches.


Angel Guillen

Mexico, captained by Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen, and Colombia will take part in another series of five heads-up matches to establish who gets the third and fourth places.

The final tally of points in the second round was as follows:
USA - 35 points
Canada - 25 points
Colombia - 23 points
Mexico - 19 points
Chile - 16 points
Argentina - 15 points

The classification so far is as follows:
5th - Argentina
6th - Chile
7th - Brazil
8th - Rest of Latin America

We'll have a report on the final a little later.


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in PokerStars news