Vyna comes from behind to claim Sunday Warm-Up Victory!

sunday-warmup.jpgWith the live action drawing to a finale down at the Atlantis resort for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, the numbers in the Sunday Warm-Up were massive this week, with 4,701 entrants building a prize pool of $940,200.00. At the end of the night, it was Vyna outlasting the other 4,700 competitors to take down the title and the $98,695 as a result of a four-way deal.

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The final table kicked off after nine grueling hours of tournament play, and the action kicked off quickly. It only took a few orbits for the first casualty of the final table to occur, and it was the short-stacked PaperChump making his exit in 9th place ($7,521.60). Action folded around to PaperChump in middle position, who moved all in preflop with K♣-8♦. Action then passed to the deep stacked flpro157, who woke up with 5♣-5♠ and made the call. The board missed PaperChump completely, running out J♣-2♦-T♠-9♣-2♠ to thin the field by one.

The short stacks kept falling, as teknotom headed to the rail in 8th place ($11,752.50). Teknotom moved all in preflop from late position with A♦-8♦, and wreidthansen re-raised out of the small blind to isolate. The big blind folded, and wriedthansen's A♣-K♥ was revealed. The flop was interesting as it came down K♦-9♥-9♦, giving teknotom a flush draw to go up against wriedthansen's top pair, top kicker. The 4♠ on the turn was no help to either player, and when the 8♠ hit the river, teknotom was done in 8th.

Another elimination, and again it was the shortest remaining stack that fell by the wayside. After an opening raise from flpro157, Se7enTr3y looked down at 8♥-8♦ on the button. He moved all in over the top, only to watch flpro157 snap-call with A♠-A♣. The board ran out 2♦-J♠-4♠-6♠-9♠ to give flpro157 the nut flush, and give Se7enTr3y $21,154.50 for his 7th-place finish.

After losing a massive pot to AJacejackAJ, flpro157 was on the extreme short stack, and finally moved all in preflop with 6♣-9♦. Vyna made the call with A♦-K♦, and his lead grew only wider when the flop came down Q♥-K♠-7♣. The T♠ on the turn gave flpro157 a gutshot straight draw, but the Q♠ on the river was no help, and flpro157 had to settle with $30,556.50 for 6th place.

A cruel river sent Joe Hahn home in 5th place ($39,958.50). Joe Hahn raised preflop, and AJacejackAJ flat called to see a flop of 7♥-3♠-2♦. Joe Hahn fired another bullet at the flop holding A♣-T♥, and AJacejackAJ called with 4♥-5♥ for the double gutshot draw. Joe Hahn checked the 2♣ turn, and AJacejackAJ led out. Joe Hahn called, then check-raised all in when the river showed the A♦. Joe Hahn's two pair was no good against AJacejackAJ's rivered wheel, and then there were four.

Players took a few moments to discuss a deal, and at the end of a brief discussion, the remaining four players locked up the following amounts. Chip leader AJacejackAJ took down a guaranteed $137,866, with paddy723 locking up $90,381. Vyna took a guaranteed $88,695, and the short stack, wriedthansen locked up $60,508, with $10,000 left for the eventual winner.

Play loosened up considerable after a deal was made, with three double ups in the first five hands, as wriedthansen doubled up twice and vyna took over the chip lead when he doubled through AJacejackAJ. Wriedthansen's comeback continued as he busted paddy723 in a b ig hand. Paddy723 open-shoved from the button, and wriedthansen called from the small blind. Paddy723 was slightly ahead with A♦-5♥, but the cards were close as wriedthansen showed A♥-4♥. The flop was an innocuous 9♣-8♠-K♥, but the 7♥ on the turn gave wriedthansen the nut flush draw. The 9♥ promptly landed on the river to fill the flush, and paddy723 had to be content with his $90,000 payday from the deal.

The three remaining players continued to sling chips back and forth, with an all in seemingly every other hand, until finally Vyna took out AJacejackAJ with his namesake hand. AJ raised preflop with A♠-Q♣, and wriedthansen flat-called. Vyna three-bet from the big blind with A♥-J♠, and AJ moved all in over the top. Vyna thought for a moment before calling, and was in deep trouble preflop. But the flop changed everything, as it came down 4♠-9♦-J♣. The A♦ on the turn left AJ looking for a queen and only a queen, but when the river rolled over the T♣, his tournament was over in 3rd place. Thanks to the four-way chop, AJacejackAJ still took down the biggest payout, with $137,000 added to his bankroll as wriedthansen and Vyna settled in to play heads up for $10,000.

It only took a few hands, and even though he put on a great run at the final table, wriedthansen couldn't quit crawl out of the chip deficit he was in. The final hand started off slow, as both players limped in to see a 4♦-8♦-9♣ flop, but the bets and raises started flying after the flop. All the money went in on the 8♠ turn, and wriedthansen showed 6♣-7♥ for a straight draw, as Vyna tabled 7♠-9♦ for two pair. The A♦ on the river was no help to wriedthansen, and he had to settle for his $60,500 as part of the deal.

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Vyna picked up an extra $10,000 to bring his total take for winning to $98,000 and some change. Congratulations to all our final table players and everyone who cashed in this week's Sunday Warm-Up!

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