WCOOP 2010: Exercise and sleep is the key to success

jp_kelly.jpgby JP Kelly
The WCOOP is an exciting time in the online poker community as it is universally thought of as the most prestigious online festival. It is the most innovative, has the biggest prize pools and offers the best structures going allowing the players great value for money and the opportunity to win a life changing sum. And it all kicks off today!

However, to win one of these events, or even making a final table, takes great skill and also a high level of stamina as the tournaments can go on for a very long time. Last year I cashed a lot but found myself failing at the key stages of the events. This year I am going to try and do a number of things to give myself the best chance of winning a highly sought after WCOOP bracelet.

Firstly, I will try to do a fair amount of exercise before hand as this will help with the stamina
issue and hopefully keep the brain active when others are flagging. Together with this trying to maintain a correct sleeping pattern is essential, which means in the UK going to sleep very late and waking up very late.

In terms of actual poker playing I think I need to do some research on who the new faces are in the online tournament (MTT) scene as I have not played as many online tournaments (MTTs) in the past few months as maybe I should have, so to close the gap on these guys I need to be better prepared.

Have fun as it is a great time of year, personally I am most looking forward to the $2,100 6 max PLO event and the $5,200 main event. Good luck for the series.

ukipt edinburgh_day 2_jp kelly.jpg

Simon Young
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