What day is again?

ps_news_thn.jpgPokerStars has long been recognized as the place to go for well-run, well-structured tournaments. The reputation has made WCOOP, SCOOP, and the Sunday Million appointment poker for the world's online players. And so this morning we were left with a "Huh?" look on our face for a while.

Something is screwy in the PokerStars tournament lobby. I mean, who is deploying a tournament with a structure that looks like this?


"Structure" of T288888888

Blinds start at 88/88? And then they go to 888/888? And then they eventually move up to 88,888/88,888 and never change?

We immediately dispatched a team of white coats to the PokerStars tournament office. Our scientists determined it was a legit tournament, a $2.20 tourney with 8-cent rebuys for an additional 888 chips. The time bank is 8 seconds...

What the Sam Hill is going on here?

And then we checked out the date of the tournament: April 1, 2010.

Oh, yes, the PokerStars Tournaments Team has got their silly on today. The people behind the scenes have deployed a bunch of tournaments with all kinds of different ways of...well, playing some really odd poker. Some highlights:

  • Blinds entirely made up of the number 8
  • Blinds that start 1,500/3,000 and go down until they hit 100/200
  • A PLH/PLO mix with no discernible structure at all
  • It seems the tournament organizers are running their own little private contest to see who can create the most ridiculous tournament and then get the most people to play it.

    So, while tomorrow is April 1, the tourneys are for real.

    If you'd like to be a little foolish tomorrow, just do a searching for "Foolishness" in the PokerStars Tournament-All lobby and look for the pretty pink tournaments.

    What will these crazy kids come up with next?

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in PokerStars news